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Hey all I have an asus g3 ti500 running on the latest asus-drivers. Everytime I start a gaming session my vsync setting changes to "always on" (unless _right_ before I start a game i go into the opengl options and click 'ok' to my already active "vsync always off" option).

This just starting happening after I installed sp1 and the new drivers that came out a month or two ago.

Any ideas?
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  1. personally, i would uninstall the asus drivers, and start using the ones straight from nvidia. I had much more joy with them than the asus ones. Also i managed to get a much better overclock.
    Any reason why you would want to stick to Asus drivers?

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  2. the main reason why I love the asus drivers is for their OSD (on screen display): which lets you adjust features independantly for every game (no matter if it's opengl or d3d). Features like brightness, gamma, contrast, and stereoscopic toggle can be set. The best benefit of this is that you don't have to reset/kill the settings after you end your gaming session.

    Now why the heck would I want to go with dets after I've been spoiled with this!!! Dets are evil and inconsistant. You need a det killer just to whipe them out properly and you have to figure out which of the billion det versions are best for your card. They're such a pain in the butt =p. For instance the 22.80's made my gf3 benchmarks fly, but there were serveral flaws in certain games and redering modes... then comes the 30-40 series which fixed the flaws, but killed the performance of the card.

    If there was just someone who dedicated their life to logging which det was best for every card I'd have thier baby.
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