Graphics Card and System Upgrade Help

I was just wanted to know if some of you all could help me with a question. I have a

PIII 933mhz
512mb of RAM
Win XP Pro
Soyo 7I72 Motherboard
Award 6.00PG Bios
Geforce 2 MX 400 Card

I plan on upgrading my system in about six months, but I wanted to get a new graphics card now. I was looking in to getting the Ti 4200. I just wanted to know if I would notice a difference in my gameing, and if I might run into any problems upgrading to a newer card. I mainly play Madden 2003, Neverwinter Nights, and War Craft 3.
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  1. You will see a BIG improvement in gaming with a new G4 4200 card. Plus it will take a few processes of of the cpu. Which will make cpu intensive games faster also.

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  2. I upgraded from a GF2 MX400 to a Ti4200 and I am thoroughly impressed. There is no question you will notice a difference. Although your CPU will be bottlenecking your new video card a bit. But you will still notice a healthy improvement.
  3. Get it. You won't be disapointed.

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  4. Sounds like if you get a new vid card you plan on keeping it for a while so might be a good idea to get the 128MB version.

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  5. You mean the 7IS2? That's a good board, you have a good CPU, all you need then is a good video card and you're gaming. You won't experience compatability problems either.

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  6. I just want to thank all of you for your help. You have answered all the questions that I needed to know. Finally I received some straight answers.
  7. Don't buy a Gainward card. They do not respond to support/tech requests (non-existant support).
  8. Hey Charlie you're doing a good job of spreading the word about Gainward's lack of support. Keep up the good work.

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