Ping: My Buddy Misfit 9/12/2005 - Closer to Tristram

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I have been making more preparations towards the quest. Ashens dropped
a few keys my way and my pally is now level 79 and moving towards a
bigger build. He has a Kingslayer and maxed fanaticism and concentrate.
Zeal is in good shape and the sacrifice synergy has boosted damage. My
zon is kicking ass and my wife should be able to caryy her well on the

The paly merc has Duress and an eth Obediance. More presents from
Ashens (Um and weapon). I'm trying to get a Guillaimes on him. I just
bought a wand with level 5 life tap which I am sure will come in handy.
The pally merc is Might. What is your merc's aura. If it is Might I can
change mine. The merc kicks ass and I am hoping to keep him alive at
the same time I am zealing away with you.

The zon's merc has a nice Insight and will be wearing a Delerium during
the battle. Our resists are in awesome shape. The zon merc has
defiance. Hopefully your merc is not defiance also. When my pally has
moved ahead further I will have to have my wife run the zon with him a
few times so we get a good pattern of play down before tackling the big

When we face mepf I guess you will have the salvation on. Tell me if I
should go with fanat or conviction during that battle. Something tells
me you will want fanat which my merc loves. I forget which one you are
gonna use during the other battles, but I will turn on the one you are
not turning on.

When I get my wife to go hunting for the body parts I'll let you know.
We'll probably have to set aside two sessions - one for the lessers and
one for the majors.

I'll keep you posted.

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    > Nice. A shame that PMH does n't work with the U3.

    Hi Misfit,

    I suppose that "PMH" stands for Prevent Monster Heal...

    If so, i think that it is actually working with Uber Trio. At my last
    meeting with those party animals, i had to go back to town a few times
    to ...refresh.
    Going back to battle, their life line were at the same point they were
    when i left. So, my conclusion was that my PMH was effective!

    If not, sorry for my useless interference !

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    In article <>,
    ~misfit~ <> wrote:

    [big snip]

    >No point in using Salvation *and* Conviction really. Salvation will protect
    >us all as long as we're within '36 yards' of Chill-Bill. It adds 108% res
    >all, level 20.

    Two remarks here:

    First, according to the updated Arreat Summit, Ueber Mephisto's Conviction
    aura reduces your resistances with 176:

    So be sure to bring some extra res-all with you to be on the safe side.

    Secondly, I read here a claim a few weeks/months ago, that two Conviction
    auras cannot co-exist together, so that perhaps another option to counter
    Ueber-Mephisto's Conviction aura, was to bring in a Paladin with a higher
    level Conciction aura. However, this same Arreat Summit says a Paladin's
    Conviction aura is capped at -150%, which means it will always be
    lower/less powerfull than Ueber-Mephisto's Conviction aura.

    Also, if the overlapping story is true, the Paladin's Convictin aura will
    never be active, because it's overruled. Of course, it will probably
    become viable/useful again after you have disposed of Ueber-Mephisto...

    If someone on Europe SC Non-Ladder is ever going to create the portal to
    the Uebers I'd really, really like to be able to join in, to see how my
    ex-Ladder builds fare there, and/or how the general 'mayhem' looks like,
    to prepare me for when I enter it on the (new) ladder...


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    Oh my! Good to know about the potential stair trap. Okay we try in one
    fell swoop then.

    I'd be glad to borrow the Shaftstop if you have one. The Duress is only
    an extra 15% CB anyways. With Fanat and an Obediance I think he will do
    fine and that is a good idea on your part. If i get a Guillames Face
    before then should I pop that on his cranium?

    I'll tell Taz that the OKs are hers all the way. Should I hold off on
    Zealing until it is clear that the OKs in our area are done? Now for
    Izzy's place, should I turn on Conviction there, or will our physical
    damage with Fanat be enough for the pit Lords - I imagine that fanat
    will still be better provided Taz can take out the OKs. Buf if need be
    I can pop the conviction on, as her the LF with her insighted merc will
    dish out a lot damage. Let me know.

    I have the stats on Lilith and her crew. I'll let you know in a later
    post what her cohorts are dishing out and what we can expect. My
    understanding is that she can be tough,afterall she is an uber, but the
    right crew will knock her socks off and we have the crew. My guess is
    that the mercs and valk will be taking a lot of poison damage and will
    need to be recast and rejuved to keep them pounding away. Taz has to
    keep her merc up so that his insight is working for her. That zon of
    mine seems to have a ninfinite supply of mana as long as he stays alive
    and the LF just never ends. The LF will be small compared to the CB
    that we are dishing out but it will add up especially when we get them
    down to less than 30 K life.

    I am glad we are talking about this first. I am getting a good picture
    in my mind of what I have to do and what we have to do as a team. I
    really appreciate this Misfit buddy.

  4. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Okay thanks,

    I have a Tal's Head I can put on him.

    I thought the Life Tap is supposed to help, but if more is needed, then
    so be it.

    I'm suppsoed to be heading to EUS this Sunday to take on tristram with
    Hmmm. So I will not be totally green when we get together.

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