Is DirectX11 the problem?


I have been having problems with a few programs(3D Max, Bodypaint, Google Chrome) for a while now and I wonder is it to do with Directx 11. I have Windows & 64 bit and a Nvidia GForce 8400 GS graphics card. The problem is that the screen just keeps flickering when I am trying to do a command, like it just can't cope, the program will often then crash. I thought maybe I should rollback Directx 11 to 9 but I don't seem to be able to, is there an alternative or any other possible solutions?.. I have all the up to date drivers for the graphic card.
Thank you
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  1. You can't rollback to DX9 as Win7 comes with DX11 built-in.

    Look at the event log for the PC, you should see some errors there from when the program crashed, post those here.
  2. Sounds more like a driver issue for your GPU itself. I would uninstall and reinstall the latest drivers for your video card itself.

    Or, maybe the GPU is going bad? Have you tried using it in another machine to see if the same problem persists? If so, I would say it's your GPU and not DX11.
  3. i have win 7 64 bit with gforce 560ti using nvidia driver 301.42 windows update (which updated the video driver) broke many games which i suspected used directx running DXdiag confirmed dirextx was not working i tried newest drivers (314.22) with the same result i reinstalled the driver to 301.42 and the problem is solved i am currently downloading intervening versions of the driver to see which is the latest working version and i have changed windows update to download and for me to confirm any new updates i plan to watch and down load any new nvidia driver and check if directx is still working

    I hope this may be of some help Tim
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