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I have a older voodoo5 card..It works very well..What would be the next best card for glide based games?Since Quake is the bulk of my game play..A few years back I bought a Gainward Gforce 2 ti 500 golden series..Its still in the bag,and never installed..Unless someother card is better for what im doing.....Otherwise all the other stuff i do on the Puter is just playing around.......Any help would be helpfull.....
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  1. Glide was 3DFX only . No other card company supports Glide.

    Depending on the speed of your computer you could run it in D3D or OpenGL. But glide is gone with 3DFX.

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  2. Ok im running a Amd 1200 with 512 ram (crucial level 2)No bells ,No well you know what..FIC 11 mobo,dvd,zip,CDR,nick card....Does this help?Ive been around for a while...Just lost track ....Yes i know Glide is 3dfx..Just want to know which card would be better in Quake..In home,online,What ever.....Thanks

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  3. Your best option would be a GF4 Ti 4200. But if I were you I'd throw in that GF2 and give it a shot. They were really good vid cards. If you do buy a new card stay AWAY from GF4 MX cards as they're really just GF2's on steroids.

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  4. I too have the VooDoo5 card in two of my 4 computers. I upgraded to Windowz XP last year and had problems with drivers for that OS and the VooDoo5. I use the Dozer 1.1 drivers from VooDooiles.com and they work great on everything except UT2003. My other computers have ATI Radeon 8500LE/128 cards and after playing with some config stuff in the Quake2 config files, I got it playable and to be honest, the graphics are better than the VooDoo5's are. When you run Quake2 in openGL mode, for some reason it's too dark to play. I have the items for the config file to make them work though if you're interested.


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  5. Well that sounds fine....But im not ready to give up 98se..XP does not really look that good right now...Yes i know 98se is a little slower,,but i can handle it..Besides ive gotten pretty good with this operating systom..I think ill take the plunge,,and install the gf2 card..Thanks any way for your help...........
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