Does any body has a gf4 card running with pc133

I'm pissed off because I can't get stability with my new gf4-MX440 card (brand: daytona palet). I tried install it on an old 810-pcchip-Mother-Board, 256mb ram pc133sdram and it locked up all the time.

Then I bought a new mother-board, model ak32-L from shuttle (via 266 chipset) and I replace the pc-133sdram for a new one from Samsung also pc 133sdram (also 256mb). It gave me a little bit more stability but the system is still crashing once in a while. I already tried setup all possibilities on BIOS, fast-right, agp aperture, agp 1x, 2x, 4x and nothing seams to resolve the problem. I also tried 3 O.S.(win2k, win98, and winME)

Please let me know if someone has a system with a geforce4 family card +pc133 sdram (not ddr-ram) that work perfectly under games environment.

Tell me please:

Mother-board Brand and Model
Video card brand and model
and memory brand and type if possible

Thank you very much
(Long life for humble guys)
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  1. More system specs please: ie sound card????? What's the brand and power rating of your power supply?

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  2. thanks for reply

    I already tried 3 differents sound cards, Creative 128bits, crystal and ac97-on-board but the problem keep going. The Power supply is quite new, 300W(brand SACT) the voltage monitors seams that it is running fine, I replaced the older power supply because there was a voltage variation problem. I have tree coolers inside my computer, cpu, video, and system.
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