Best driving game for momo wheel?

i just bought one of those logitech momo forcefeedback racing wheels. whats the best game to make full use of it?

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  1. I have RalliSport challenge and Need For Speed Hot pursuit 2. They are both great games... I think that RalliSport has a little better graphics. I'm not sure about the force feedback in either of them, as my wheel doesn't have it(Thrustmaster Pro Digital 2). NFS HP2 is alot of fun and there are some really cool cars in it. RalliSport is a great Rally game. It really depends on which you prefer. BTW, i've been looking at that wheel... How do you like it??

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  2. i like that wheel. most people seem to think its the one to get. i was suprised at how good it feels. very sturdy and the pedals dont move much at all.

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  3. It depends on what you look for in a good racing game. If it's realistic physics then need for speed porsche unleashed is the best. (It is also a bit older so you can get it cheaper). Also the forcefeedback is amazing on my trusmater wheel.

    For rally, I would wait for Collin McRae Rally 3, that comes out in a month or two. The second one was really great.

    NFS HP2 is a really cool arcade style game, with streched physics and all. However, the force feedback is just awful. My wheel feels more like a vibrator than a steering wheel.

    There is also Pro racer, which comes out in a month, that looks promissing.

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  4. Three words, LIVE FOR SPEED..

    Check out their website <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. It is definitely not completed. Only 4 guys working on it now. Version 0.1Q is out now for free. At least a 30mb download. Version 2.0 is coming out later this month and it will include more tracks, cars, and tire physics. All the people that play this game say its great and the physics are very realistic. They even think that momo force is the best wheel. Check it out, download it, play it.

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