XP to Win7 Pro: Programs on other HDD

Hi, I'm looking at doing an installation of Win7 over my current XP system.

The thing is that I have other programs on two extra hard drives (both have partitions). Can I keep the two extra HDDs with the programs as is, reconnect them after the Win7 install, and then expect to be able to use the programs without having to reinstall them?

I know I can do this with most programs after reinstallation of XP, but since this would be from XP to 7, I had to ask. Thanks for any help. : D
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    Any program that uses Windows API's would have to be reinstalled, XP or not. You can use the two extra drives with software after reinstalling the programs. Win7 will be a clean install on your OS drive, not an upgrade from XP...
  2. Hi

    Easy answer: No, u can't. All the programs create a key in the OS regedit and with a new OS u need a new key in order to do the program works.
  3. I vote you back up any data you don't want to lose on those drives, because you will have to re-install all programs on them.
  4. Do you know anybody with a Vista disk? Maybe you could upgrade XP to Vista, which would keep your installed programs, then upgrade Vista to 7 which would still keep your installed programs. Seems like a lot of trouble but if for some reason you couldn't re-install your programs then this might be the only way. Most people recommend doing a clean install then reinstalling your programs on it.

    I've been thinking about this myself. My wife's laptop has MS Office installed, it came with the computer and she sent in her credit card number to get the key to authorize it. But she doesn't have any install disks so if I did a clean install on her laptop she would lose the $$$ she spent on Office.
  5. ^U can download from the web a DVD/CD of the same Office version that u wife has and install it with the legal key that ur wife has and u won't have any problem.
  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the replies.

    As I was expecting, the programs I installed on my second drive work. They just seemed to create new registries on the spot. However, a few didn't work; like marcellis said, the programs that use Windows APIs will have to be reinstalled.

    Another thing is (sorta off point, but it was mentioned) that importing users from XP to Win7 is a breeze with the Easy Transfer Tool. I only imported my main user, but it looks like everything is how I left it before the install. Back-up's still recommended.

    Conclusion: Yes, you can run Steam, play CoD4 and BC2 while talking on vent, open Y! Msgr while listening to ur music in WMP, all after a "hybrid-clean" install of Win7 from XP. : D
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