Urgent. Malware + failed system restore?

I'm forced to use my laptop here to post this.

My desktop is running win 7 64 bit. So I ran a program which turned out to be high severity malware. I'm pretty sure it was in the process of installing a malicious driver before I killed the internet connection. So I did a scan with my anti virus and aHIGH level threat showed up but claimed was too big to be moved or deleted.

So at this point I sort of freaked out and rebooted in safe mode. I then picked a 20 hour system restore point to revert back to. So I let that process....but now when windows starts up initially (I can still choose safe, regular or command prompt mode etc) my screen goes completely black. No log in screen at all. All I can do is move my mouse. Everthing is black.

So I ask did I screw something up with the system restore? Or is the malware doing something? I tried to boot up in regular AND safe mode and the same thing happens. Pure black screen. I don't know what to do.
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  1. First how long did you wait for the black screen to finish loading the restore before you rebooted? Also you should have a backup disk or at least the restore disc you were prompted to make when you installed Win 7. If all else fails in addition to my couple of suggestions then you need to wait longer for the restore to work and last but not least reinstall.
  2. It's not loading anything at the blackscreen. I've waited hours.

    Never made a backup disk unfortunately.

    edit: I can still access the BIOS and everything. It's just windows isn't loading properly.

    Is there nothing I can do besides reinstall? I'm lost here.
  3. If you are unable to access windows through safe mode you may be SOL. Since you don't have a backup disk, you may be SOL. Unless you really need whats on your pc, everything else can be replaced. I have lost more stuff than I can count when I first started building my pc and screwing around with it. But there are data recovery techniques out there if you have done everything you know. But I reformat anyway once every 6 months or so just for the heck of it. Good Luck
  4. For backup purpouses I recommend using Norton Ghost http://www.symantec.com/sv/se/norton/ghost

    Just boot from the CD -> Access the HDD -> Copy over the files to an a external HDD and reinstall windows :) Iv'e done that 1000times, and if the HDD isn't damaged it's a 98% chance all files will be saved.
  5. Are you able to borrow a Windows 7 DVD for the sole purpose of using the Startup Repair option? Assure the lender you aren't going to install with it and they may let you use it. What was the malware programme that started this problem?
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