blue screen when i try to install win XP

hi, i was trying to install winxp onto my newly bought WD Raptor 36GB, but then whenever i reach the "setup is starting windows part", it gives me a blue screen that says sth like:

setup has detected an error and windows will be shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

if you're seeing this for the first time, restart your computer.

if the problem persists, scan ur hard drive for viruses, remove any newly installed hard disks or controllers or run CHKDSK /F to check your hard drive for corruption.

techical information:
STOP: 0x000000713 (0xF9E8563C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

i tried many times and i still get this stupid problem, anyone has any idea what i can do? thx a lot.
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  1. Best thing to do is take that error to the microsoft xp knowlege base and feed it into a search bot. The code looks like hex and most normal people can't read it. Because you have the exact error message there's a good chance you might be able to find out the cause. Also you might actually have a problem with the drive. Some info about the hardware on your rig might be helpful. Do you have a seriel ata controler?

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  2. I get this same error, and I am running with a serial ATA controller...I had seen some wierd HD related issues since I built the new comp and now that the system wont boot anymore, Im realizing I didnt upgrade the driver/software on this controller which is probably screwing me...............I cant even boot into safe mode anymore..not sure what to do.....boot from floppy and try to run chkdsk??
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