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I going crazy trying to find a good solution for my music collection.

I have a Sonos system installed in my house with 4 zones, and the optimal solution would be to control this from a remote unit.

The Sonos system has a limit around 50.000 songs, and my collection is far to big.

I tried to use Windows Media Player that Snos can control, and even distribute to the right Zone, but Windows don't allow this to work from a NAS, and with the Sonos controller or my ipod touch everything comes without any alphabetic shortcuts so it's almost impossible to find a song.

Then I tried to use a laptop as the control unit with WIndows Mediacenter, but then the option for choosing a Zone don't work. MediaMonkey has the same problem as Mediacenter, no posibility for zones, and even in party mode the user interface is a little to detailed. I like MediaMonkey for ripping, organizing and so but as a front end interface it don't suit me.

Running Windows 7 Ultimate on the host machine.

SO here's the question anyone have a bright idea on how to set up a system from a remote computer that has a good interface, plays against zones and if possible works from a NAS?
The last point isn't that critical cause I can use a USB disc attached to the host machine if needed.

XBMC reqiuers open GL that don't work over remote desktop
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