Acer: Think really hard about buying their product

Hey everyone. This is quite a lengthy review of my experience with Acer so far.

What simply sparked me to write this was that so many review sites gives Acer the thumbs up when it should really give them thumbs down.

The reason being? Well, my experience with Acer ever since I bought my Tablet PC from them has been an utter disappointment. That's an understatement by the way. Words cannot describe how appalling their product and their after sales service has been.

Where to begin? Well, when I bought my Acer TravelMate C111TCi in October 2003, it came incomplete without its battery. Me being a novice at these things, I thought I would double check with Acer themselves so I rang them up (which was no easy task - it took at least 20 minutes before I got through to someone) and they said that their should have been a battery in the box. So I just explained to them that I had spent £100 on a new battery because their wasn't already one in the box. They apologised for it and they said they would send me one. 2 weeks later a package arrived. I thought it would be the battery, but to my disappointment they had sent me a Clock battery instead! It was one of them cell batteries that you get in a watch! So I went straight back to the phone and called them up to tell them their had been a mix up. Only this time I simply couldn't get through to them. So I e-mailed them instead. It took a few days to get sorted out but after about a week the proper battery arrived.

I thought that all would be OK now. And everything was OK until December arrived. The hinge that kept the Tablet PC screen stable at the side became loose and no longer held the screen in place. I wasn't too happy that after only 3 months of use the build quality of the machine was already letting me down. I went through the same procedure again only I tried to get support over email instead because knowing it was Christmas time it would be's busy everywhere. It was early December but they refused to help over e-mail and simply told me to ring the support line. I was left with no choice but to do so. After waiting the usual 20 minute queue I finally got through to someone and told them what was wrong. Booked it all in for a collection which was next day courier service. The guy on the other end told me it could take as long as 2 weeks to get it fixed. If only it did! I gave them two weeks to fix the product before sending an e-mail to enquire about the status of the repair. I didn't even get a reply. I got a reply the following year however in January. At that point it had been 5 weeks since I had sent the laptop in for repair! Which is simply outrageous under any circumstances. It should not take 5 weeks to repair a hinge on the side of the laptop. I made complaints and enquiries as to why it took so long. Most of them were ignored. They simply sent a letter out the following week with a formal apology. That was the last time that I hoped that I would ever have to deal with Acer support again.

Only to my dismay another hinge broke. The catch that held the screen attached to the base of the laptop snapped right off. I couldn't believe it. I honestly could not believe how poor the build quality was. I questioned my own use of the product itself and wondered to myself, was I mis handling the product? Well, everything else still seemed to be working, it was only the parts that I used often that were breaking such as the hinge which allowed me to transform the laptop in to a Tablet PC and the latch which is used to secure the screen to the base....aspects of a laptop which should be able to handle constant usage. So I went through the same procedure of getting it repaired. Surprisingly it only took 2 weeks to get it fixed, which is a reasonable amount of time. About a month later however, ANOTHER fault was found. I don't know when the fault happened because I hadn't used the Firewire since it was sent in for repair, so it could have been damaged when it had been sent in. But anyway, the firewire wasn't working. I did the usual tests and it was definitely not working. So after spending another 20 minutes trying to get through on the support line, I finally managed to get a Case ID and got it booked in to be taken away again. This time it took 4 weeks to get it repaired. When I got it back I did a thorough check this time to make sure it was all working. I wasn't surprised at the fact that the product had ANOTHER issue. You would think that I would be completely annoyed by now, but it was just expected. Acer had managed to fix the firewire port but they had also managed to do something else at the same time. They managed to switch the processor for a lower spec model. It was now only running at 900MHz! This is a 1GHz model, OK, so it's a 100MHz difference, but if I had wanted a 900MHz model I wouldn't have paid that extra money to get the 1GHz model instead! This time it was the last straw. I wrote back to the Customer Services department asking them why this had happened and what they were playing at. They seem to me like they're a company that doesn't know what they're doing! I also demanded a refund....which in my situation doesn't seem like a un-reasonable request considering what had happened.

Several days later, the customer services rep that I was dealing with said that the refund request had been declined and that she had forwarded details of what has happened with the processor to the technical team. That was four days ago so I wouldn't expect a reply for at least another week.

And that is my experience so far with Acer. I thought that it is my duty to make sure that you are aware of my experience. You can do what you like with it.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. There wasn't a local Acer authorized dealer (or even better service center) in your area? For me, it was usually a lot faster going through a local service center rather than go directly to Acer.

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  2. I agree! and I HATE acer!

    I school I worked with ordered 100 PCs, they were all Acers. Do you think for one moment Ghost would work.... NO, each was different, video IO, or somthing. Image software did not work due to a small dif on each.

    When I called about this I was told that the order was filled by 13 companies that stamped the acer name on the case...

    But, acer has always been a low-end PC mafg...

    Just my opinion

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  3. Blame the person that ordered them, not Acer. It's their responsibility to ensure they order identical systems.

    When I called about this I was told that the order was filled by 13 companies that stamped the acer name on the case...

    Then how do you know they were really Acers? That's the problem when you source out multiple companies for ordering... all 100 PCs should have been ordered from ONE source... ensuring that all 100 were identical.

    I know you hate Acer, but I just can't see where they're at fault in this situation. I know of two schools that use them and have had very little issues.

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  4. Well, what can I say.

    I bought an Acer 1350LMI about a year ago. It has to be repaired because i spilled some water on the screen (only) which made some small spots. Otherwise the laptop worked fine. So.......

    I took the laptop to the dealer where I bought it. WHe confirmed the problem after booting it up using an external screen. Everything worked fine. I was told that it would take about 3 weeks before I would get my lappie back, ok no problem.

    After about a month I started calling them asking what the status of my laptop was. They said it would cost me EUR 114 to have it repaired, fine with me. That took another 2 weeks. Fine with with me. Then I got a call that, oops sorry, the bill is going to be EUR 168. Fine with me, just get it back. But no, they queued it up again. Finally I got a call (totalling 12 weeks ( or should I start in months now) after turning my laptop in) that, oops the keyboard was damaged, the screen is damaged and the battery is damaged.

    Erm, ok, well we started it up at the shop there was no problem there so where did all this come from? And of course, how much? Well... EUR 965 (ex 19% tax) would do the job. I thought I had a heart attack.

    I could buy a brand new one right there and then in store store for less money, so I had them send it back to me without repairing anything. I thought, what the heck, let me use an external screen and it should work fine as a "desktop".

    The laptop got sent back to the store, which took another 4-5 weeks, notice that all of this took 4 months now.... and was presented with a bill of EUR 96, which after a little discussion I did NOT have to pay, since it took them 4 months.

    After taking the laptop home, starting it up, it was fine, except for the white spots on the screen. Well heck I can live with that, not with EUR 965 (plus 19% tax) to have it all clear. The keyboard, still worked, so did the batterie so did everything else. Fine, so it only took 4 months to end at the beginning (spots).

    Well after 2 months the CD-DVD-r drive started acting up,it only burned dvd-r no dvd+r's anymore, 2 weeks after that DVD-r was gone and I could only read rented DVD's, 2 weeks after that I finally managed to get another firmware (not from Acer, since they did not manufacture the drive and give no support whatsoever) it worked alittle bit,3 weeks after that it died happilly.

    I can go on like this but, that would take too much of your time. So conclusion:

    My Acer works FINE now with an external (USB) DVD/CD-r drive an external HD, an external muis (USB) (did I mentione that the mouse pad gave up?), an external monitor, a PCMCIA wlan card (internal dead) and what have you. Oh and it's not even a year old. F*ck the warranty, if only the screen will cost EUR 965 (plus tax), what will they charge me for all this???? EUR 1,000,000??

    Anyway after some research the DVD-drive (internal) seems to give a LOT of problems to a lot of people and the rest, but who cares, I want another IBM, get one too.
  5. Agreed, Acer SUX!!!

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  6. Thanks for info.

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  7. Well, my company has bought numerous Acer machines, both desktop and laptop, and we've had very few problems with them.

    2 of the laptops did develop a fault, but Acer repaired and returned them to us in working order within 5 working days.

    They've been fine with us.

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  8. I am a PC retailer and manufacturer, as well as a PC service centre with field repairs, based in Northern Ireland. We specialise in custom-built computer systems for home, business and specialist users. For some business and home users, we sell pre-built systems as the basic specifications suits their requirements.

    We have been selling Acer products (Laptops & Desktops) for quite a number of years, until very recently. I sold a desktop system - Acer Power M5 system, which was a great spec with good warranty (1st year onsite, 2nd & 3rd year carry in repair service). I delivered the system to the business customer's address. It was faulty out of the box (Dead On Arrival). The onboard VGA was faulty as there was no monitor signal (confirmed with 2 monitors).

    I contacted the Warranty repair centre (Esplex). Got a helpful chap and logged the DOA fault in 28th November 2005. Was told to contact CityLink to arrange for a collection and to package up the base unit only. I queried the policy as it was supposed to be onsite warranty. Was told that it is a different policy for DOA faults (!?!?!). Went along with it anyway, the customer was understanding. Just like others here in the forum, had severe problems trying to get through to CityLink. Finally got through to them the next day, was picked up from the customer's business address the day after.

    After waiting a week, finally got through to a lady who told me that in order for it to be processed as a DOA, they needed the accessories with the system (after being told to send back the base unit only!), so they can't until they received that (?!?!?). Asked as it was a DOA and to save inconvenience to the customer, could they not arrange for the replacement to be sent to the customer and arrange for a pickup of the accessories at the same time (makes perfect customer service sense). They should have originally picked up the faulty unit and replaced it with a brand new one originally, in my opinion, as that's what we would normally do with our own manufactured systems. No reasoning with them!

    Had problems trying to contact CityLink for pickup and to save further inconvenience to the customer, I sent it back to them by Royal Mail. This was sent on a Thursday, so they would have received it the next day - confirmed with Royal Mail's tracking system. I contacted them on the Tuesday to check the progress - guess what they said they havn't received the accessories and would check with the warehouse and would get back to me (they didn't, I done all the constant chasing). They finally, after several days on constant contacting, confirmed they have received it. Gave them another few days and contacted them again. Guess what - nothing done about it - this is now nearly 3 weeks after the original fault log. The customer starting to get ratty.

    The following is nothing short of abysmal - constant daily phone calls and promises from 6 different staff to contact me back had failed to materialise. Finally they said it was scheduled for a replacement and was awaiting authorisation - finally I thought, getting somewhere and how wrong I was. After 2 months, it was well beyond a joke and was told that it was not they system for a replacement (?!?!?!?). The week before Christmas, I had to purchase a brand new replacement system from my supplier to give and setup to the customer, as he was (understandably irate). I contacted them to send the brand new replacement to my shop, which they recorded.

    After another few weeks, I finally wrote a letter of complaint to the managing director of Acer UK regarding the service at Esplex. He never acknowledged the letter, instead it was acknowledged from Esplex customer services! The letter promises to respond back within 14 days. Guess what - no reply after 3 weeks!! Not once within this time did I ever receive a telephone call from Acer or Esplex, I did all the (constant) calling. I finally sent them a nasty e-mail indicating that I would sue Acer UK and Esplex for the replacement system and inconvience suffered. I finally received (or rather the customer) the replacement practically 3 months after the DOA log (some 5 days stipulated for a DOA replacement). To add insult to injury, it was not a brand new sytem, as it was the original carton it was sent back (orignal shipping labels) and missing accessories.

    How can I possibly recommend Acer products to my customers, after receiving such crappy service personally? I did specify that I was a dealer. As they have treated me like this as a dealer, the customer would have been treated no different. They obviously don't care about customer service and show that they are totally incapable of being a competent repair centre for a supposedly reputable brand. This whole episode has proved to me, as a dealer that Acer UK and Esplex do not care about customer service, just their profits.

    As a result of this sorry episode, I have stopped selling all Acer products completely and so have several of my friends who sell Acer, as they have found the exact same problem. This is a far cry from the level of service I have received from Dell on behalf of their customers. They carry out their promises - contact me back when they say they will and always follow up with regular phone calls. Out of the 3 months - I never received one phone call or e-mail from Esplex or Acer.

    I now sell Fujitsu-Siemens desktops and Asus laptops with absolutely no complaints from customers (or myself). If I treated my customers the same way as Esplex, I would be out of business. They have a lot to learn from more respectable support teams (Dell, Advent, Fujitsu-Siemens and Asus).

    Sorry to be long-winded, but I have been very disappointed and dismayed by the service provided, with still no official reply from Acer or Esplex.
  9. I bought Acer 9920G laptop 3.5 months ago and was generally quite pleased with it so far.

    However, last week and switched it on and got this message upon load up:
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.
    Operating System not found.

    Well, I got a bit worries, googled this on my other computer, some other forums mentioned that it could be due to the Hard Disk failure.

    Anyway, I took it back to the shop where I brought it from, the techy guy powered the laptop and it worked fine (???). He said it might be due to some loose wire inside that got back into place whilst I was carrying it to the shop.

    I was quite relieved, took the laptop back home, powered it and got the same error message as before!!! I unplugged the whole thing again, carried it around the house and it was working again (just).

    I then called Acer support line and spoke to the rudest man on Earth. I explained what happened and he said it was due to the loose hard drive. I asked if I could send the laptop back to them so someone could have a look at it and fix the loose hard drive. He said I would have to pay for this because the laptop was working at this current moment. I told him that the laptop was only 3.5 months old and still under warranty and I should not pay for fixing any manufacturing defects. He then said that it was not Acer's fault because I did not buy the laptop from them but from the shop. When I said how it was shop's fault that they receive faulty products from the manufacturer, he told me that he could not help me because "operating system going missing" is a software issue and nothing to do with Acer.

    This is the most appalling customer service I have ever witnessed - it's absolutely shocking!
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