Corporate Firewalls....?

I am currently designing a security component for an assignment (no i dont want you to do it for me)...
The organization has about 300+ users in each of 3 different sites that are to be connected via a VPN through an isp supplying cable modems to each of the sites (which also are used to connect the net).

My problem is that I have no product knowledge of firewalls. My question is this... Could someone please name some popular firewalls that might be able to be used in the above circumstance ~ support VPN and provide an application gateway (aka proxy if in not wrong).

Thanks a bunch,
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  1. any software firewall will restrict incoming/outgoing connections, but a proxy and a firewall are 2 different things, ok, a proxy and a router or NAT I suppose could be confused as they do a similar job, and many hardware routers also act as a firewall. You dont give too much detail about the setup of your wan, could really use more info.

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  2. OpenBSD on an old 486 can do everything you want it to do except clean your house.

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  3. CALV, yes yes... cars have stereos and stereos are different things from cars but I can still buy a car with a stereo.

    I also know that Motherboards and sound cards, graphics cards are different but it doesnt stop me buying a motherboard that provides the services of all 4(Nvidia crush fro examp).

    As I said I'm not really familiar with firewalls and I read something about application gateway services provided by firewalls and they sounded exactly like the services that a proxy server provide so I just assumed.

    Let me refrase my question for you :)

    Can you please tell me the names of a few popular firewalls that are used to protect corporate networks?
  4. I assumaed that you at least knew the basics if you are working on a corporate network, you still dont say weather you want a hardware or software solution.

    If they squeeze olives to get olive oil, how do they get baby oil?
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