I need a second opinion on a display problem

I've recently started having display problems with my computer. It has stated casting "shadows" to the right and left of images on the desktop; for example if I open a plain black square in the center of the screen the area on either side of the square will be darker then the area above or below the horizontal axis of the square. It does this with desktop icons, the start menu, and text in Word as well.

I have tried adjusting the monitors settings, even tried hooking up a different monitor, didn't help. I believe the problem is in the graphics card. I have tried updating my drivers with the latest ones off the Asus webpage, uninstalling and reinstalling the card, and adjusting the driver settings. I think my card might be dieing, however, since I can't afford a major system refit in the near future I'd like a second opinion or two, maybe there's something I haven’t thought of.

About a year ago, a power spike destroyed the surge protector, sound card, and motherboard. The system, while old and slow by today's standards has worked fine up until about two weeks ago when this started.

System specs:
Motherboard: Tyan Trinity K7 (2380) 500 MHz processor
RAM: 192 Meg PC100
Video: Asus v6600 32meg SGRAM card
OS: Windows 98 osr 2

Thanks for any input or suggestions you can provide,
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  1. Definitely sounds like your graphics card. Once my heatsink fell off my PC video card overnight, and wierd black lines were all over my windows desktop. A change in my video card quickly fixed the problem.

    32 MB graphics cards are pretty cheap, you should probably think about trying out a different one.

    <A HREF="http://www.pricewatch.com" target="_new">PriceWatch</A> is a good place to look.

    Of course, you may want to get a few more opinions on this before you go ahead and drop $30 into a Radeon 7000 or something.
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