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I was running 3dmark...I disabled vsync and antialiasing, and also chose to use my adapter default, in the refresh settings, instead of setting monitor at optimal. I came out with my highest score, 9007, so far on the gf4 ti4200 128mb. This was an increase from my last highest score of 8972. I'd like to continue using this setting. Question is...is there a down side to using the adapter default for refresh rate?
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  1. i bet if you run the same test afew days later you'll probably get under 9000 again. i think adaptors default on most video card are 60hz, thats a bit too low, i usually set it on 75hz
  2. So I am better off with the monitor at optimal or on 75hz...thanks for the info...and I agree the test scores will go down again...unfortunately, more often than up...still the card is nice and more than I hoped for. Having fun trying and learning. Thanx again.
  3. Fooled around and went down to 4427, even crashed at one point. Than disabled vsync, AA, anisotropic filtering and put refresh at adapter default again and still only around 8200...went back and disabled texture sharpening........bingo back up 9035.......highest yet. I think disabling texture sharpening was a biggy here ...want to try with monitor refresh at optimal.

    FIC AD11
    Amd 761 north bridge, Via 686B south bridge
    Athlon(tm) 1391
    fsb 133mhz
    256 ddr (generic)
    gf4 ti4200 128mb
    nvidia ver. 40.72
    DX 8.1
    via 4 in 1 ver. 4.38

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  4. I tried 75hz and got around 8942...was stable and smooth...but this morning benchmark would crash with same setting...tried 85hz first and crashed from benchmark...than tried the 75hz again and still crashed...did a defrag and put it at adapter default and scored even higher...9042...but not sure if this is related to 75hz, adapter default or fresh defrag...will try 75hz with fresh defrag...question is, is it ok to use adapter default...will this hurt card or monitor? I have a 19 inch trinitron capable of refresh up to 120hz..not sure if I can ever use these settings or if having monitor on optimal uses some of these settings as applications demand.
  5. MEANT above post TO RE: 10GHZ post.
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