Request: Please Update Tom's VGA Charts !!!

Update Tom's VGA Charts !!!
With all the same cards and the new one's too...

It's a sugestion...

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  1. I second the motion.

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  2. Yes, that's a good idea. But I would ask that the older legacy cards are still included if possible. Not everyone has a more recent graphics card and it would be good to go back as far as TNT cards, for example.

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  3. I agree with you. If they update their VGA chart, they should keep the older cards.

    I would like to see a TNT2 M64 in the new chart. It was absent in previous chart. I want this because today almost TNT2 buyers buy TNT2 M64. Very few of them buy "full" TNT2 or TNT2 Ultra.

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  4. I second this request.

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  5. I agree this is a good idea... although with GFFX right around the corner they might wait until after that. And perhaps until R350 if that's to come quickly after the NV30 as some think it will.

    However, on that train of thought it's easy to always wait for the next product release and never do anything... so who knows when it'll actually be done.

  6. Here, here - update it please!!!!

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  7. We have been heard, thanks THG Team!!!
    ... But TNT2 cards are gone... (I have one too...)

  8. yeah, they should

  9. In Part II, they will cover older cards

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  10. Good suggestion.

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  11. What i'm looking forward to most is the covering of old chipset/CPU combos... since most people don't have an 845PE + 3.06GHz HT! Heck, most people don't even have what I have (P4 2.4 OC + SiS645DX).

  12. Quote:
    In Part II, they will cover older cards

    I though they'll be covering older processors and chipsets instead...
  13. Quote:
    In Part II, they will cover older cards

    In part II they won't be covering older cards (yes, I know some of them will be old, but they are the same as part I) they will be cover the cards on older systems (because not all of use have P4 3.06Ghz or AXP 2700+ systems)

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  14. They will also cover older cards. Newer chipsets (example- nForce1/2) can't be used with older AGP 2x graphics cards. So they will need an older platform to use these cards

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  15. I agree!

    But as older cards like TNT2, Kyro1, GF2MX etc. probably won't play UT2003 in 1024x768x32 or higher,
    I also think that they should add lower resolutions to the charts, like 800x600x16 or even 640x480x16.

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