Gainward Ti4200 128MB Vs. ATI Radeon 9500

I've been considering my new GPU :
Gainwards Ti4200 128MB
Gainwards Ti4200 128MB AGPx8
ATI Radeon 9500 PRO
Which of the above will you recomend, I want a good midrange card. Or maybe you have something else to offer..

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  1. The ATI Radeon 9500Pro will be significantly faster than either GF4Ti4200 cards.

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  2. If it is in your price range, definatly go for the Radeon 9500pro. It beats the 4200 in pretty much all cases, the 4400 in most cases and the 4600 in some cases (namely high resolutions/AA/Ansio).

    I wouldn't even consider the Gainwards Ti4200 128MB AGPx8
    because 8xAGP offers pretty much no gain over the the 4xAGP version, but with a hefter price tag.

    So if you are looking for a good midrange card, the 9500pro is the best midrange card, and one of the best price/performance ratios.

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  3. I think geforce ti 4200 is better than else
    becouse it's have a compatibility to much system

    And it's very cheap

    Buy It! and i guarantee your graphic card can be use for 1 year again... and all games work... :)
  4. One thing to think about, Gainward has no support. The e-mail you send goes straight into the trash can. The GeForce 4 Ti serie cards can be over-clocke a lot. The are also highly compatiable.

    Info: MSI KT3 Ultra ARU mobo, Athlon XP 2000+ CPU, Windows98SE, 512MB of DDR266, Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 64MB Ultra 650 graphics card and a Thermaltake XaserII tower, a 431 watt Enermac Whisper pwr.
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