I need hlp choosing a Video Card

Can anyone give me some advice on choosing a video card.
My system will consist of an Epox 8RDA+ and an XP2100.
I browse the net, play the latest video games, restore photos, and do a little AutoCAD.

I haven't edited any videos but I have the software. I would like to mess with that a bit also. As a hobby of course.

I have looked at the Geforce and Radeon cards but I'm not sure what inputs or outputs to look for. Most of them seem to say video out, but not video in. Which ones do I look for?

I would like to stay as close to $100.00 as possible.

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  1. Personally would suggest one of the GeForce series with 128 on board memory but with the 100$ price tag I'm not sure you will be running many of the newest latest high end video games. The Geforce IV 420 with 64Meg isn't a bad card but it doesn't have any outputs other than Monitor. As for editing video for 100$ you should be able to buy a capture card with in and out. Or use Fire wire connections to reduce Lag.

    Pay now or pay later it is your choice.
  2. I said $100.00 if possible. I may be swayed a bit depending on what someone has to say. I just don't want to spen 200-300 dollars. I did look at the Geforce4 4200 as you mention. They are about 90-170 depending on where I looked. I seen the 128MB model for 99 with rebate but I was too late and it expired. Then again I heard that the 64MB model outperformed the 128MB model although I'm not sure how. I'd still rather have the 128.

    What do you mean by capture cards or firewire to bring video in? Can you point me to a link of a capture card you thought was decent and I'll read up on it and go from there.

    Thanks for the response. Anymore suggestions.
  3. Quote:
    I have looked at the Geforce and Radeon cards but I'm not sure what inputs or outputs to look for. Most of them seem to say video out, but not video in. Which ones do I look for?

    That all depends on what you want to use the card for. Tv-out is used for connecting your computer to your tv via s-video cable, so you can use your computer as a DVD player rather than buy a standalone DVD player separate.

    Video-in (aka VIVO [Video-In/Video-Out]) is mostly used for ripping things like TV shows off your TV to your computer.

    VGA is for hooking up your standard monitor, every video card has this (as far as I know), some even have dual-VGA for hooking up 2 monitors at once.

    DVI is for hooking up LCD monitors.

    As far as picking a video card, the first thing you have to ask yourself is "How long do I want to use this as my primary card?". If your answer was "As long as possible" you should be looking at the Radeons.

    Now from what you said the price range is, the 9700 series is out of the question. The Radeon 9500pro is ~$200 (less for OEM), but it is new so the price should drop a bit over the next little while. It is a great performing card now, and with features that are not even used *yet*, it is sure to last you quite awhile.

    The Geforce 4 Ti4200's are good cards also, but the technology is already somewhat antiquated, so you will be seeing yourself upgrading again in a few months with it.

    If you take a look at the benchmark found here and on other sites, you will see the Radeon 9500pro performs much better than the Ti4200 (and even the 4400 [and 4600 sometimes]), and taking into account its better features that will make it last longer performance wise than the Ti series, you will see that it will more than make up for its slightly higher price tag.

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  4. you can get radeon 8500 for a cheap models and completed feature on this card..
  5. Thanks for the advice Leezard, and nmiraf. And thanks for the advice and explanation of the connections Ub3r_n00b.
  6. There have been periodic sales with rebates, lately, on both gf4 ti4200 128mb and 64mb...keep a close watch.
  7. You might want VIVO videocards. Video In Video Out. Most gaming cards only have TV-out. With TV-out it is possible to capture video from your PC to a VHS. However you need video in to capture video from VHS, TV, DVD players to your PC. Firewire or USB is good for digital video cameras.
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