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Ati Radeon 9700 pro no video signal on post

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 11, 2002 9:37:25 AM

Well, it seems there's no end of these problem with radeon 9700 pro. So, here's another one.

I have following problem with Asus P4S8X and Radeon 9700 Pro. There's no video signal after boot up (new computer, nothing installed) on monitor (I think it's called the post phase). I have updated bios to newest version. I checked that my hardware installation is ok with two other graphic cards (pci Riva tnt and agp Radeon 64ddr) and they worked correctly (this way I can see bios). New Radeon 9700 worked however in other much older computer. So hardware is not broke and installation is correct. I I have no idea what to try next.
This isnt helping me a bit.

My hardware:
P4 2.8Mhz, 1Gg Ram, Hercules Radeon 9700 Pro, ASUS P4S8X, 450W, SB Audigy2, 3com, 120Gb western digital...


December 11, 2002 11:22:34 AM

Thanks. But lot of people have no problems with this combo and this "no post" problem.
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December 11, 2002 12:11:44 PM

The 9700pro doesn't work well with the Sis648 chipset.

It may or not work depending on motherboard revision, motherboard BIOS, 9700pro revision, 9700pro stepping, and 9700pro BIOS.

*Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX and Tualeron 1.2 @1.74 i815*
December 12, 2002 2:34:51 PM

Do you happen to have both the DVI and VGA cables plugged into the card? Try using just the VGA cable first.