AGP 8x : Needed or just a showoff?

Hey,lately I talked to some gpu expert on IRC and he told me that AGP 8x isn't. He said that the games right now don't even use the full bandwidth of the AGP 4x, and won't be using the bandwidth of the 8x in the coming 2 years..
My question is does the radeon preform as good as it does with the AGP 8x as the AGP 4x? And is it true that AGP 8x is just an investment for the future?

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  1. This question has been asked so many times, try searching for other posts before asking.
    that AGP 8x isn't

    Yes, AGP8x <b>is</b>. :lol:

    And if you talked to a GPU expert, why are you asking us. I bet he knows way better. But yeah, he´s right. In todays scenario, AGP8x shows about a 1 percent increase, not needed.

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  2. just a good way to make money
  3. Your friend sounds right to me.

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  4. Quote:
    just a good way to make money


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  5. yah they make everyone thing "wow its agp8x, it must be like 2x faster than agp4x, gotta buy it now" and make money.
    he is right though, agp8x at the moment is just an investment for the future. right now it shows miniscule improvements over agp4x which isnt even being utilized to its full capabilities.
  6. Hows it an investment for the future in 2 years time when AGP 8x is being used to nearly it's potential you'll be wanting a new pc with AGP 32x or something like that. 2 years when buying computer hardware is a very long time.
  7. Extending my post.

    AGP8x is a good progression that will be come a necessity, but not for a few years. But who knows, with companies like ATI and nVidia constantly bringing out faster and more advanced graphics-processors, "cinematic computing" and games strating to use a higher-resoulution on textures, maybe AGP8x will become usefull faster than we expect?

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  8. By the time the bandwidth of AGP8x is needed, we won't be using AGP video cards anymore, we'll be into 3GIO PCI and/or HyperTransport cards.

  9. IMHO AGP 8x is needed. Not for the extra bandwith but for something much more.
    AGP 8x leaves room for video card manufactures to grow and know they dont have to stop growing because one cant handle the other. It's like some sick or twisted Eco system. Without the improvement of one the other wont exist. Just imagine now if we all had Voodo Banshees all running on PCI because PCI didnt "evolve" into AGP. That would be the case if either of them stop developing. In short, we dont need the extra bandwith, we need the extra development.
  10. agp8x useful? yes, possibly. one day, in some complex game. but then, you need a radeon9700 behind the agp8x, to be able to render that, too..

    i don't think the geforces released with agp8x are able to handle that troughput really, as i know of quite some other bottlenecks they have.. so i think, there, agp8x is mostly useless...

    for new cards, with new, superb speed, yes, agp8x will be useful, at least, it will for sure not be a bottleneck. it would be a stupid bottleneck else..

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