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Hi, whenever I connect computer A (win XP) to Computer B (windows 7) the RDC works perfectly. However when I disconnect, and physically return to computer B, the screens are black. I try to move the mouse, ctrl+alt+delete, etc. and nothing. The computer is still running but seems like I can't wake the display. I have to do a hard shutdown on computer B to use it. Any Ideas on what is wrong here? Any Ideas on what to try to correct this?
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  1. Are the computers far from eachother so you can test some things?
    Does the black screen happen soon as you remote in?
    Test different mothods of disconnecting, try to log off, try to just close the session while being logged on. Try to not disconnnect and check on the other computer if you can see the session locked.

    Are you using the Windows built-in remote software?
  2. No, the computers are not close to eachother. I will need to test one thing at a time. Access to computer b can be difficult sometimes. I will try to not disconnect and see what happens. Yes, I am using the built in remote software. Thanks for your help on this.
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