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I need some suggestions on midrange video cards to buy. I've been looking at the following cards:
GF3 TI 200 64mb
MX440 64mb
MX440 128Mb
MX460 64mb
8500 64mb
9000 64mb
9000 pro 128mb
These are all priced under $100, some as low as $50. I'm not looking for something big and fancy. Just something to perform a bit better than my KyroII 64mb card. This is for a secondary machine that I use, not my primary.

Intel board - not sure what kind
400Mhz CPU
10Gb hard drive
256Mb RAM

Any suggestions on the best way to go? Cheaper is better for me right now. the $50 - $80 range sounds the best to me. I plan on upgrading my main machine to the new 9500pro soon.
Specs on that machine are:
GA-7DX+ board
20Gb HD
512Mb RAM
Fortissimo III sound card
KyroII 64mb (for now until 9500pro purchase)
XP Pro
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  1. The best 2 are the Radeon 8500 (Make sure it is NOT LE) or the Radeon 9000 Pro. Those are the best 2 out of the bunch.
    Hope this helps.
  2. actually ...

    the Radeon 8500 is the fastest, BUTTTT

    the MX460 is a very fast card, equivilant to the GF3 TI200 for dx7 games. but you wont be able to play UT2003 with the graphics all nice and fancy...

    the radeon 9000pro is a budget version of the 8500, about 5-10% slower in most areas.. but still a nice card. compared ot the MX460 for dx7 games its probably the same
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