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hey Griz, where's your shop

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January 25, 2001 5:16:05 PM

well im going to canada in 4 week vacation. im wondering where is it? well you seem to know more then a PC store owners in morris county, New Jersey. LOL, some dealer was telling me, The athlon was going to be the biggest waste of money. Also RDRAM is 4x as fast as SDRAM. i hope he will closed down soon.

Cel 533 - 256mb sdram
15gb HD - ati radeon 32mb ddr (200/200)
SB live! mp3+ - win98 Beos

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January 27, 2001 3:01:55 PM

LOL! I know eh? hehehe....

Well right now I don't have a shop set up yet (ie storefront), but I hope to rent a nice little place downtown soon (I'm in quite a small town). Right now I'm building them in my basement and selling them through advertisements/classifieds. When I get my webpage and shop up I'll let you know. :smile:
January 29, 2001 6:09:34 PM

cool me too... this week im selling

Duron 700
Aopen MK33
128mb pc100 sdram
15gb 5400rpm ata66
8x DVD
ATi All-in-wonder 32mb apg
Sound blaster live! value
Windows 98se , Staroffice 5.2a
17in monitor

for $1200.00

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February 9, 2001 1:24:47 AM

n e body in canada got a job for a techey? im out of work and need some bad i know all hardware thats out as well as the stuff that is coimng out . can any 1 help?
February 22, 2001 11:41:14 PM

LOL!!! :smile:
February 23, 2001 10:07:24 PM

I don't see anything funny......... *confused*

"648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

Bill Gates, 1980s
February 27, 2001 4:48:23 PM

Summary Unit Cost Quantity Price

Presario 5000 Series
Intel® Pentium® III Processor - 866MHz
128 MB 100MHz SyncDRAM
20.0GB UltraDMA Hard Drive
16X DVD ROM Drive
17"- Compaq CV735 Monitor - Quartz White (16.0" VIA)
FREE TurboTax Software
Microsoft Featured Home Collection + MS Word for Intel Processors
JBL Platinum Speakers with Digital Audio Port
56K ITU v.90 Modem
ESS Allegro Audio
AGP Graphics with Direct 3D -11 MB Shared memory
3.5" 1.44 MB diskette drive
Compaq USB Internet Keyboard
Compaq Scroll Mouse
8X CD-RW (8X/4x/32X)
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
1yr parts/ 1yr labor/ 1yr on-site/ 1yr carry-in


Subtotal: $1,237.00
March 1, 2001 11:01:28 PM

LOL!! ZaNtHeR that PC has 11mb shared memory... Well i see you'll never get over 2000 3dmarks

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March 3, 2001 9:46:49 PM

I sell a computer close to that for much less. (P.S. that graphics card blows)

"648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

Bill Gates, 1980s