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I install new OS windows 7 and now my tv tuner dosn't have video but b4 my tv tuner functioning using vista. can you help me to find KWHypermdia driver for windows 7?
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    Have you tried installing the Vista drivers? most will work in Windows 7. If not you will have to look on the manufacturers website for updated drivers.
  2. On the KWorld website make sure you are using the correct locality when searching for Win7 (Win 7) drivers.

    For example, the drivers for units sold in the UK are not visible/found on the KWorld global part of their website.

    You need to change the drop-down language indicator - at the top right of the web-page - to the correct country.

    For my PCIe Dual Tuner (Digital Twin Tuner) there is a Windows 7 x86 and Windows 7 x64 driver at:

    and this works fine for me!

    Good luck. IanMac. :)
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