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I have Windows XP (full version) on my computer. My wife's computer has Windows 98 and I want to upgrade it to XP, I've been looking at the Upgrade version. I want to do a fresh install because I'm getting her a Wester Digital 120 GB Sata drive and want to do a clean install. Is that possible with an upgrade version since it says it checks for the software first? Does that mean I have to install Win 98, then do XP?
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  1. You can use the upgrade version to do a fresh installation. During install it will ask you to show it a previous version of Windows to make sure you qualify for the upgrade. At that point, simply insert your Win98 CD and point it to the CD drive, it'll check for compatibility and continue with the full installation of XP.

    I've done this numerous times using a Win98SE Upgrade disk, with no problems.

    Alternatively, you could just call up Microsoft and purchase an addition liscense (serial number) for the XP Full version that you already have. It may be cheaper than buying another set of discs.
  2. Just use the upgrade version - it will prompt for the 98 disk. You will just insert it in CD ROM drive - XP will verify that it's a legit copy, spit it out and you'll reinsert the XP Upgrade disk. The Upgrade disk is a full verion.

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  3. WO WO WO ................If you use the same copy thats on your computer no good...... you will not get past the activation......

    unless you have a copy of the corporate release and then theres a way around things....

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  4. I did.

    /I believe he said fresh install with a legit copy of 98 - will work fine.

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  5. It sucks when people are punished for stealing software. Steal XP no activation, purchase XP and you have to jump through hoops. Same with Norton System works 2004, Macromedia MX 2004 ...

    I guess their target is counterfiet copies made to resemble the real product. A consumer may not notice that certificate is missing a hologram or that the manual shouldn't be in black an white, but they will notice if they copy they bought at the computer show requires a crack to install!

    Does anyone know if you can use unattended install files with upgrade editions? Maybe leave 98 in a 2nd CD-ROM and somehow tell windows where to look?

    I really don't understand why windows doesn't ask all the questons at once! Under what circumstance will you not know your timezone, CD key, or network settings until after the install is half over?
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