will a new graphics card reallybe worth it for us

We have emachine t1400 w/ athlon xp 1600. sn-km133a mobo. have upgraded to 512(480)memory. S3 graphics Pro Savage(on board) although there is a "AGP" slot.I have used all PCI slots for 1.Sound Blaster 5.1 2.single fire wire card(motorola SB4200 internet cable modem)( set up wirelessly(cp-2w ipaq) for kids to use there laptops 3. phone modem. The moniter is a viewsonic A90f 19 inch flat screen w/ 1024x768 75hertz, 32 bits. we just bought a cannon zr45 camcorder(digital) and would like to do some simple transfering of video for editing, the watching Tv sounds cool to so would like to do that also. kids don't play too many games yet. (diablo, right now mostly) also don't have a dvd burner yet, will probably get that soon. I don't want to get a macho board if we really don't need one because system is working fine right now the way it is (I know thats hard to believe with an emachine!!)but when we add the camera should I just upgrade the firewire port(from 1 to 3 ports)or would we be better off adding a card with a firewire port along with increased graphic capabilities on the AGP slot.I'm not one to "tweak" I just want the thing to work when I sit down to do something. I also read that the emachine power supply is very low rated . should I upgrade that as well ? thanks for all the help with this.. perik57
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  1. you could get an ati radeon 8500 dv, then you would upgrade your video and ad an extra firewire port at the same time.

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  2. It all depends if money is a problem. (It doesn't seem to be) First off, a good powersupply is necessary if you want your system to run fine, I suggest a 350W Enermax PSU, that should be more than enough for you and is about $50 US.
    For a video card, I would look into the All-in-Wonder cards, either the Radeon 7500 AIW ($150), the Radeon 8500AIW ($250) or if you have the money, the Radeon 9700Pro AIW($400), You did mention that the kids don't play games that are too graphic intensive, a Radeon 8500 AIW would be more than enough and would offer what you need to do some video editing from a digital camera.

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  3. I agree. The aiw8500 is a good choice, I just didnt know if he wanted that many options. I love the remote.

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  4. I agree with conehead. A 8500-based graphics card is well enough for even the graphics intensive games out there. Besides, the -DV and All-In-Wonder versions provide the outputs and inputs you would require.

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  5. thanks all.... will head out today to get the ati 64mb 8500aiw and new psu... great source of info here.. hope I can return the favors someday !! perik
  6. no problemo,anytime.

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