BSOD when installing Windows 7 (New Build)

I just finished by first build, and I can boot into BIOS and everything seems okay, but whenever I try to install Windows 7 I get the BSOD during or after the expanding windows files step. The different error codes I have gotten are 0x00000034, 0x0000007E, and 0x00000024. Sorry, I didn't write down any of the other information. I ran memtest without any errors as well.

I think it might be my hard drive though. After a couple of BSODs I took the hard drive out and used it as an external to test it out. I got a message from Windows that the hard drive had errors it could fix. After Windows did whatever it did the hard drive worked fine as an external, but when I put it back in the computer, I got the BSOD again when trying to install windows. I tried it as an external again, and I got the same error message from Windows.

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this problem?
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  1. Umm... get a new hard drive.
    (If it's somewhat new it might be under warranty)
    Mine has a 5 year warranty!
  2. I'm not sure if the hard drive is faulty though, considering it works fine as an external.
  3. More like a motherboard problem. An hard drive will almost never make a BSOD... unless it explode literally.

    I've been building PCs for 10 years, and I really suggest you to investigate and RMA the motherboard in the worst case scenario.
  4. Well I just tested a different hard drive, and I still got the BSOD so its probably something else. I also copied down more detailed information from the BSOD. Cache_Manager Stop Code 0x00000034 (0x00050830, 0x8777bb88, 08777b760, 0x8ba28e18).
  5. Well if it tried to fix it as an external drive, you might have to repartition it, but if you tried a different hard drive that also didn't work I would say that's not it.

    I would try your RAM, do you have a way to check your RAM in a known-working computer? Or just try one stick at a time in the DIMM slots. Also, try making sure your CPU heatsink/fan is seated properly, I can't tell you how many times I've noticed high temps causing BSODs - although I doubt this is the problem on a new install, but you never know.
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