What backup software are you using?

Hey all, just got my new build up and running, win 7 64 bit, lotta ram and drive capacity.

I'm an amateur photog, so have a lot of data to back up. About 500gb of programs and data altogether, so off line storage not really possible. I use three 1tb external hard drives, I rotate two here and one goes off site every week.

On my old XP3 Pro machine, I had Norton Ghost. A maddeningly quirky program, it did the job, and when I lost my c: drive, it restored it all with no problems.

Ghost doesn't install on this machine, so I was happy to see that Win7 had its own backup utility. Simple, but crazy slow, unless I am doing something wrong.

Ghost used to take about 8 hours, so if I started it when I went to bed, it was done in the morning.

I started my first Win7 backup last night around 9PM, 22 hours later it's 43% done. I'm hoping it will be finished in the morning.

Clearly I need better. What are you using? I don't mind paying for software either, sell me a $50 prgram that is done overnoght, vs. this free stuff that is taking days!
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  1. I've used and still use Acronis True Image, backup time is quick; it is making an image file.
  2. Do you just copy the files or make a complete system image?

    If option 1, I recommend Allway Sync.
    If option two, try CloneZilla.
  3. +1 Acronis True Image... fantastic program, option to load it into the MBR too so you can boot up into it and restore a file/files from an image or the entire image.
  4. I'm going through this process myself and don't have any actual experience to share with you, but two that have caught my attention are Acronis True Image Home and Macrium Reflect.
  5. I use a 250G HDD for the OS and 500G for most of the APPs, and those that in C:/ I save to a folder that is not on that HDD, but Acronis sounds cool, maybe I'll try that too
  6. True Image or Clonezilla are great for saving images, but if you just want to backup your data, why waste time using an image pgm to backup system files that hardly change from month to month. You should instead use a backup program like Cobian which lets you select the data you want to backup.

    Take a look at http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-backup-program
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