Building a New PC...Help with VGA Config

I need advice on how to properly configure my MSI GeForce3 Ti-200 128mb (8850) card and to max out the performance. What & where are the best Driver Set for this card???

I just finished putting together a new PC for my own Christmas present and hope to atleast double my old 3dMark score of 3806.

I appreciate the has been a long time sence I have looked at over clocking and need some good advice.

Here are my new PC Specs.
- Athlon 1800 Throughbred
- Asus A7S333
- 256mb 2700 333MHz CL2/CAS 2 DDR w/heat spreader
- Enermax EG365P-VE 350w PSU (3.3v@32a/5v@32a/12v@26a)
- GeForce3 Ti-200 128mb (8850)
- 40gb 7200rpm Maxtor HD
- 10/100 NIC
- DVD Drive
- CDRW Drive

OS: Win2K

Games: Ghost Recon, Rogue Spear, Counter Strike, Command and Conquer, WarCraft 3, Jedi Outcast
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  1. Sorry, i can't help you on this.. But i can give you alittle advice though.. Try posting this message in the OVERCLOCK Section and then in the 3D CHIPS.

    maybe they will be more helpfull.. cause no one is replying to your post ... which always sucks

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
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