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Due to an OS crash, I upgraded my Gateway MX7118 laptop from XP Media Center to Win7 Ultimate. Seems to be working great, except I can't get any sound. The speaker in the corner has a red X, and says "No Audio Output Device is installed." No Win7 driver was shown on the Gateway site, so I contacted Gateway and their response was that it's out of warranty, so contact a local technician. Anyone know how I can get a sound out of this thing? I'm loving Win7 so far, but this is a deal-breaker.
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  1. Seems that Conexant is not too consumer friendly.

    You could try a W7 driver from a more recent model from your manufacturer's website. If it doesn't work, try another model's driver.

    Just another thought: Have you downloaded W7 updates? Check for driver updates, too. I could not find a conexant modem driver for XP, found it when I downloaded XP updates.
  2. I've tried every driver I could find that had even a remote chance of working. I've updated everything I can think of. I think at least for the time being I'm going to get a USB soundcard (something like this ) and use it with headphones or external speakers. The only time I really need sound is for watching Hulu or my Slingbox, so this shouldn't be too inconvenient. Should tide me over until I get a new computer.

    Thanks for the help and advice.
  3. Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful. That looks like a good solution. You are lucky to have a microcenter nearby!
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