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Hi all could someone help me on results for benchmarking, I benchmarked my new Asus GeForce 4 TI V4600 Ultra, using Madonion Benchmark 2001, with no overclocking and a refresh rate of 100 mhz onh the monitor.The driver I am using is nvidia version 14.09. My score was 11059, is this a good score or should I have gotten higher or lower. All replies greatly appreciated.
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  1. We need to know your entire system not the card only.

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  2. My system is as follows AMD Athlon,2100 XP ,Asus A7V333 M/Board,256 MGB PC 2700 DDR Ram,40 GB Maxtor Viper H/Drive.Asus GeForce 4 Ti V4600 Ultra Video Card ,FSB 266.Windows Xp Prof.I am averaging from 10,241 to 11,200 in my benchmarking tests.I am running my system as follows 100mhz refresh rate, with riva tuner set at core 310 / memory set at 715, vsync and antialiasing both off in direct 3D & open gl.I thought a GeForce 4 Ti V4600 Ultra should average around 12,000-12,700

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  3. yea not bad....with my radeon 9700pro, p42.7ghz im only scoring around not to shabby
  4. Average Ti4600 scores are 12000. I suggest you check out THG's benchmarks, to see for yourself. Check CPU articles dating before August, you will find Ti4600+XP2100 benches in 3dMark2001 for sure.

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