A bad power supply + radeon 9500 PRO

This is my problem:

I opened my computer and discovered that my PC's internal power supply only has 230W. Do I have to buy a new power supply if I want to buy a Radeon 9500 PRO?
If I don’t buy a new power supply, what consequences will there be?
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  1. Highly Recommended.
  2. Dont rush out and buy a new PSU, Try the videocard with your current 230w PSU first. It wont hurt it, the worst that will happen is that it wont run properly.
    If you encounter problems such as the computer randomly rebooting/turning off on its own or Games crashing to desktop, any crashes at all really. Then this is when you go buy a new PSU(a good 300w at least). Dont spend money you dont need too spend.
  3. bloaty has the answer, I ran my high end system on a 250W PS for a long, long time!

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  4. Well, this post has me hopeful. I just bought a Radeon 9500 card and a new 350w PSU to replace the 250w I currently have. Unfortunately I have a Compaq and didn't check the connectors (DOH!) until today and found that I have a 4 pin connection and a 24 pin (not 20, which seems to be the standard) connection. So, unless you can plug a 20 pin connector to a 24 pin connection without any ill effects, I've got more or less the same problem-not quite enough watts.
  5. Not knowing where you are its hard for me to say ho much a new PSU would cost you. Im in Australia and i recently bought a 400watt PSU on sale for $25. SO figure half that if youre in the US. Antec is reputed to make very good PSUs.

    The only consequence is you'll have power to spare. Theres no such thing as Overkill as far as I'm concerned. Better to have too much than too little.

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  6. I'm from Sweden. Well, I´ve got it, wait and see what happens.
  7. what brand of psu was that?

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  8. My brother is running the 9500 Pro on a generic 300W PSU. Fine so far.

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  9. Well, I just received my Radeon 9500 and I'm about to try it on a 250w power supply.
  10. I Recently purchased a new system with a generic 350W power supply and 9500. Games started crashing and rebooting the computer randomly. I am pretty sure now that its the generic power supply, just my experience.
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