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Quick Graphic card choice

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 29, 2002 8:57:03 PM

If you barely ever played PC games, would you know the difference between the Gf4 ti4600 and the 9700 pro? is it really THAT much of a change?

Is THG Slightly Slacking??
December 29, 2002 9:47:28 PM

yes there is a big big defference, go see toms benchmarks, u have in some games 2 times defference(ati faster 2x than the g4), and ul get better image quality, and better colors(10bit), and 8x agp for future motherboards if u don't have one, but to me, wait for the geforce fx, its gona be big, and the ati will go down in price
December 29, 2002 10:17:16 PM

yes, that's about what i was thinking....

what is a decent card.. Not a piece of sh!t but something decent that will run everything decently now but cheap in $$ to use just for now... untill the FX comes out.

ti4200? one of those?

Is THG Slightly Slacking??
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December 29, 2002 11:05:42 PM

so go for a rodeon 9500, verry good perfornmance and price, but for an lower price i suggest u go for a radeon 8500le, or 9100, its the same but with defferent name.
December 29, 2002 11:20:37 PM

yeah if we're talking short term i'd say radeon 8500 64mb (not LE), it's less than $100 USD, if you can find one (a lot of them are only AIW or LE's these days, i've noticed. AIW is a lot more expensive, and LEs are cheaper and crap, go for regular).


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December 29, 2002 11:26:03 PM

TI4200 will be a good card for a while, and Waiting for the geforceFX is like waiting for a watched pot to boil.
December 30, 2002 1:08:29 AM

yeah i have mad my decision, Leadtek 128mb Geforce 4 ti4200..w DVI

for $180 @ newegg.. im gonna use this for awhile till either the Geforce FX comes down way in price or till they release even another card after that.. cause like i said i don't really play to many games where i need superior GRAPHICS @ this time... i thought medal of honor on my bro geforce2mmx was amazing.. so this will knock the socks off me!

Is THG Slightly Slacking??
December 30, 2002 4:07:25 AM

Well what else do you do on your comp? If its just mp3s and microsoft office, then you won't notice the difference btwn a geforce 1 and a 9700.
December 30, 2002 4:29:57 AM

that's your decision?? i hope you're going to return it when you're done (illegal though it may be) because it's a waste of ~$100 if you're replacing it soon
you will see almost no (i'd say none at all) difference between a radeon 8500 64mb and a gf4 ti 4200 (esp the 128mb version?), and you're paying so much more for the gf4 !!!


<A HREF="" target="_new">mubla otohp eht ni ecaf ruoy teg</A>
a b U Graphics card
December 30, 2002 5:03:25 AM

People talk about hard core gamers looking for rediculously high frame rates, like 400FPS in Quake III, that's BS though. I'm a CASUAL gamer, but I like a NICELY DETAILED, HIGH RESOLUTION picture! So having the best video card is even nice for casual gamers, when that casual gamer is a quality freak.

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December 30, 2002 11:23:58 AM

Im gonna be using the ti4200 till the next card gets release AFTER the FX card... so the Gf6 is when i'll think about upgrading again

im a casual gammer, maybe 2 - 3 times a week i'll gett a few hours to play.. but when i play i want some decent quality.

i think its good... also the software bundle is nice

Is THG Slightly Slacking??