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If you barely ever played PC games, would you know the difference between the Gf4 ti4600 and the 9700 pro? is it really THAT much of a change?

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  1. yes there is a big big defference, go see toms benchmarks, u have in some games 2 times defference(ati faster 2x than the g4), and ul get better image quality, and better colors(10bit), and 8x agp for future motherboards if u don't have one, but to me, wait for the geforce fx, its gona be big, and the ati will go down in price
  2. yes, that's about what i was thinking....

    what is a decent card.. Not a piece of sh!t but something decent that will run everything decently now but cheap in $$ to use just for now... untill the FX comes out.

    ti4200? one of those?

    Is THG Slightly Slacking??
  3. so go for a rodeon 9500, verry good perfornmance and price, but for an lower price i suggest u go for a radeon 8500le, or 9100, its the same but with defferent name.
  4. yeah if we're talking short term i'd say radeon 8500 64mb (not LE), it's less than $100 USD, if you can find one (a lot of them are only AIW or LE's these days, i've noticed. AIW is a lot more expensive, and LEs are cheaper and crap, go for regular).


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  5. TI4200 will be a good card for a while, and Waiting for the geforceFX is like waiting for a watched pot to boil.
  6. yeah i have mad my decision, Leadtek 128mb Geforce 4 ti4200..w DVI

    for $180 @ newegg.. im gonna use this for awhile till either the Geforce FX comes down way in price or till they release even another card after that.. cause like i said i don't really play to many games where i need superior GRAPHICS @ this time... i thought medal of honor on my bro geforce2mmx was amazing.. so this will knock the socks off me!

    Is THG Slightly Slacking??
  7. That's the card I'm running and it's great. Not really a Big Performer but good enough for everything I do.

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  8. Well what else do you do on your comp? If its just mp3s and microsoft office, then you won't notice the difference btwn a geforce 1 and a 9700.
  9. that's your decision?? i hope you're going to return it when you're done (illegal though it may be) because it's a waste of ~$100 if you're replacing it soon
    you will see almost no (i'd say none at all) difference between a radeon 8500 64mb and a gf4 ti 4200 (esp the 128mb version?), and you're paying so much more for the gf4 !!!


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  10. People talk about hard core gamers looking for rediculously high frame rates, like 400FPS in Quake III, that's BS though. I'm a CASUAL gamer, but I like a NICELY DETAILED, HIGH RESOLUTION picture! So having the best video card is even nice for casual gamers, when that casual gamer is a quality freak.

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  11. Im gonna be using the ti4200 till the next card gets release AFTER the FX card... so the Gf6 is when i'll think about upgrading again

    im a casual gammer, maybe 2 - 3 times a week i'll gett a few hours to play.. but when i play i want some decent quality.

    i think its good... also the software bundle is nice

    Is THG Slightly Slacking??
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