New processor on old MB?

Does anyone know what the fastet Celeron (or P3)you can put on an ABIT BH6 rev 1.0 is?
The Abit homepage gives the following info :
Supports Celeron 633(66),667(66),700(66)MHz
Supports the PIII 600Mhz(100Mhz FSB) CPU

But will it work to put a faster CPU on the board, like the Celeron 1GHz?

I really hope anyone can help me as I'm upgrading to the new processor soon.
/Thanks Mark Stevens
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  1. Maybe your mobo will suport it if you have the latest BIOS version.

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  2. My guess is yes, with a Bios patch.

    It already suports a 10X multiplier (667 @ 66 FSB), and a 100 FSB, so a Celeron 1 Ghz (1000 @ 100 FSB) should work.

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  3. If it supports the Celeron II (such as the 633, 667, 700), it supports ALL coppermines including the PIII 1000EB, the best choice. The BH6 DOES support a 133MHz FSB, so you should consider such processors (the 1000EB, 933, 866, etc). Best bang for the buck is the PIII 700@933, which will outperform any celeron at any speed.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. Same question I'm asking myself,
    tried a P3 866 [133fsb and 1.7volt core] last night -
    unfortunately it hung after stating cpu as 93MHz and before running the memory check.
    Wasn't surprised at cpu being wrongly described as it is'nt suposedly supported.
    Esentially all I changed was the cpu and swoping back my tired 300a cellron gave no prob.
    Any sugestions?
  5. Hey Crashman, what is best CPU for a 100mhz FSB and would it work on a Compaq (I forget the model but it has an 810e chipset) which currently has a Celeron 667?

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  6. The 850 is good, the 900 is nice if you can get a good price on it. But you'd really be better off with a 133MHz FSB processor like the 933, or a 700@933 (using pin mods).

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. Sorry, mental lapse. I forgot you originated those message threads about how to overclock OEM systems.

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  8. Basically, if you don't want to overclock, I would recommend a 933 or 1GHz, or at least an 866. IF your not afraid to overclock, the 700@933 is much cheaper.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  9. $158+ for a 933. I guess that's out.

    Why are P3s still so expensive? (No need to answer).

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  10. 700@933, follow my latest post about 3 weeks ago and you can set it permanently at 133MHz and 1.75v or whatever it needs.
    You should find someone like (someone with an adjustable motherboard) who's willing to test the CPU and determine it's lowest stable voltage for 933MHz, then set it .05v higher using pin mods.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  11. Hi Mark,
    A little late, but I've got a PIII800 in my ABIT BH6(I believe it's a rev 1.0 mobo; flashed to SS)
    Works fine.

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