A7M266 and 4 beeps

Hello I'm kinda new to this forum. I've been dealing with a big problem after I put together my system. The parts I have are:
A7M266 motherboard (1.04 bios)
2 sticks of 256 Dram (from micron/crucial)
HP9900ci (cd/cdr/dvd)
one Western Digital 80 Gig Hard drive
One floppy drive
Asus V7700 Geforce2 Gts pro (pure)
and a AMD 1.33 gigahertz thunderbird (266)

The first thing to boot up is the video card. Then the chip and ram are checked. The problem starts after the primary and secondary checks. All the devices check out as there but then the screen blinks in and out and 4 beeps in pattern start.
I was wondering if anyone could give me some assistance in figuring out what could be causing these beeps. I can't install any software or use the floppy drive because of this problem. Any help will be useful. Thanks.
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  1. 4 short beeps:
    Ami: clock module error .
    What is the beep "pattern" exactly ?


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  2. Its just in a pattern of 4 beeps. and it keeps repeating. There is an option in the bios called Halt on and I chose no errors. Now the beeps and flashing have stoped but the system still stalls. But now when I reboot the system it tells me that it hung for improper cpu external speed setting. Even when I let the frequency be 100 mhz when it boots up, I still get the hang up. How can I change the external speed setting?? Thanks for replying
  3. You can't change the CPU clock multiplier on the Asus A7M266.
    Try reseting the CMOS on the board and try booting again.
    Good luck.
  4. i think don't change the alt on ALL ERRORS because this don't correct your pb & on the opposite involve others like bios setup backward configuration. (this is because you are now in FSB100 instead of FSB133)

    to correct this, you have all the explanations in your mb manual.
    you have also beeps errors pattern descriptions in this manual.

    if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy.
  5. the beeps pattern are described on your mb manual.

    if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy.
  6. Well the manual only has definitions for 4 codes. While this manual does explain alot, I haven't found anything useful to help me in my problem.
  7. weel,

    1) give me the exact 4 error codes associated to the beeps patterns definitions and this which correspond at your pb.

    2) unplug all peripherals, pci cards, ide cables

    3) let's just one stick of 256Mo on your first dimm slot (which is described in your manual)
    + the cpu & the gc.

    4) reset your bios (which is described in your manual)
    it's a litle button that you have to press on about 5 secondes. if you cant find it, unplug & replug your cmos battery. if you cant unplug it, create a short cut between the 2 wires of the battery.

    5) boot your comp.

    6) if it's beep, exchange your plugged stick ram with the other one & switch off/on your comp.

    7) if it's already beep, i think you have a pb with your memory or your gc.

    8) i have never seen at boot a screen which blink, that's very strange. this is maybe because of your bios, your gc, an hardware conflict...

    9) maybe you have a pb due to your 512Mo of ram. sometimes this generate pbs. so another time try with just one ram stick.

    10) after, this can be a driver pb & you have maybe to flash your bios or your gc bios (which is more "old" than your mb)

    i think i can't tell you more for now

    if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy.
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