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I have installed Eudora on my new computer with Windows 7. It is running fine. However, I tried to transfer the attachments separately because the total program plus attachments was too big for my flash drive. I copied them into the file that Eudora set up on the new computer but when I click an attachment in an old email, it cannot find it -- says that the path is not valid (apparently still looking for the path from the old computer). Is there a way to fix this? Uninstalling and reinstalling Eudora is not really an option at this point. Thank you.
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  1. Why keep attachments in your email? Just save the file in your computer and use it off that. Email is meant to send the file, not keep it stored in it. The path would be different because the user name and location of default files is different between Win7 and XP (assuming you had XP on the old computer).
  2. Thanks for your suggestion and I might have to do that. Because of the nature of the email I receive, it is much easier to keep certain attachments associated with the email message. It will add a step if I have to go to another file. But, that might be the only solution.
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