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First Computer Building and in Need of Help

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a b V Motherboard
December 31, 2001 2:48:28 AM

Hello all,
I'm building my first computer. It is going to have an 1600 xp and an asus a7m266. Along with a geforce 2 video card and soundblaster sound card. 512 mb of ddr 184 pin ram.
I've been reading posts and been seeing all of these problems and is starting to make me edgy. any problems that you think i will come upon and there solutions if you would reply i would greatly appreciate it. thanks for the help.

It's only confusing to people who won't spend time learning.

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December 31, 2001 4:11:27 AM

First, don't get a SB sound card. Get something else, like a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.

Now that that's out of the way... :smile:

Anyways, if you have any problems, make sure you post here whatever you need. There's plenty of knowledgable people that are willing to help (as long as you're clear and specific).

What are the exact parts you're gonna get? Maybe you can get better recommendations or something. Plus, whaddya use your computer for? Gaming, mp3s, movies, surfing the internet, word, CAD, etc...

And, if you're getting a CD writer, you can't go wrong with a Lite-On LTR24102B 24x10x40 for $84 @ <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

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December 31, 2001 10:24:55 PM

Computer components are not as fragile as "experts" would have you believe. I have built two computers wearing socks on a static burns here.
Second, when building an AMD system. Be REALLy carefull when putting the heatsink on the fan. Two things usually can happen. First the screwdriver you use to get the clip on can slip and you stab your mobo. Ive had this happen twice and luckily it didnt kill the mobo. Just be really carefull and patient when clipping the sink to the chip. It may seem like your gonna crush the chip with how much pressure you have to aplly, but dont worry...the chip can take it. You may even see the mobo flex slightly under the pressure. Second, AMD chips run hot so dont go cheap on the sink and paste. Get a good fan and some arctic silver2.
thats all I got.

PS: if the whole thing works the first time, god bless you. Its rare everyting goes smooth the first time. So be patient. Also, if it wont start up at all, try playing around with you FSB settings. To high and the damn thing wont even turn on.
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January 1, 2002 8:51:55 PM

I was visiting my mom for christmas and I helped her with her computer. For some reason she was electically charged that day. She kept getting static shock everytime she touched somthing. Her husband handed her a dim and she shocked it. Guess what. That dim would not post anymore. It was fried. 128mb down the drain. I wouldn't worry too much though. You can usually tell when your charged like that. Be warry of new carpet.
January 2, 2002 1:59:51 AM

Spend a couple of dollars on a anti-static wristband.Its good protection,and not inhibiting to work with...:) 

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a b V Motherboard
January 2, 2002 2:46:12 AM

What's wrong with Soundblaster ???The only incompatible mobo I've seen was Abit KT7 Raid, but what do I know...? The company has been in PC audio buissness since ever and they know their stuff !
Back to subject
If you don't make proper connections mobo-case ,it will not start, so read the manual .
If you put HDD led connector backwords it will be lit all the time, (not a biggy, just switch it before next boot)
If you put the floppy cable backwords, the light will be on all the time, probobly won't boot (new cables have a notch, so no problem)
Don't put too much thermal compound on cpu, if heatsink comes with white "sponge" on the bottom you don't need the thermal greese, but make sure to remove protective sticker before applying HS.
Start with just floppy and video card in(and cpu and ram) .Set your Bios. connect HDD and cdrom. Partition and format (use manufacturer utility, they make it very easy), install OS(set 1st boot device in bios to cdrom if you're installing without a floppy disk) ,mobo and video drivers (including monitor).
Insert and install one PCI card at time, this way if there is a problem ,you'll know what causes it. Sometimes moving PCI card to other slot solves the problem. Some people recomend installing modem in last slot on mobo (away from video card)
January 2, 2002 3:47:16 AM

make sure you have your floppy connected right......if the light just stays on then you probably kept switched the connection to the drive..... ide and flppy device are key in buidling a new system......oh yea if u don't hear your cpu beep after initialization then all the other stufff doesn't matter

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January 2, 2002 3:48:52 AM

The SoundBlaster sound cards have had problems because they hog the PCI bus bandwidth when they're in use. There's been problems like corruption in data transfers, sound crackling, and stability. I know there are fixes, like the PCI Latency patch, and the VIA 4-in-1 drivers. But, a better way would be to avoid using them and getting alternatives.

One alternative, if you're using Windows 98 or Windows XP, is to get an Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500. You can get that at ComputerGeeks for $14. There's more posts about it in the Sound Card forum, like <A HREF="" target="_new">this one</A>.

Another is the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, which is at <A HREF="" target="_new">Newegg</A> for $65.

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a b V Motherboard
January 2, 2002 4:48:45 AM

Thanks guys for all the info. I'll follow all of your advice the only reason that i'm going with the Sound Blaster is because it was the only name brand and only one we carry at best buy and i get my employee discount there. So far this seems incredibly fun and i can't start till i get my mobo, case, and cpu, and memory from new egg i can't wait and its nice to know you guys respond quick and seem to know what your talking about.

It's only confusing to people who won't spend time learning.
January 2, 2002 5:37:48 AM

How much are you going to have to pay for it at Best Buy? Think of it this way, what if there are problems? I'd only think it's worth it to pay a little more, for less problems in the future. But, it's alright though. As long as you'll be happy, that's all that matters.

Have fun! :smile:

By the way, <A HREF="" target="_new">this is the article</A> that helped me build my first computer.

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a b V Motherboard
January 2, 2002 5:47:26 AM

If possible itd be a good idea to have the phone number of a computer knowledgable person's phone number around. I tried to build my first comp and I am not an idiot and it still won't work. I am gonna call a repairman to help me. I think my prob is a faulty part though. As someone else stated DO NOT stab your mobo when trying to get the heatsink on. Iwasn't quite sure how to get it on and accidently stabbed it a few times with the screwdriver. I still don't know if that broke or caused damage to the mobo which is preventing it form booting. Good luck and make sure you don't try to do something you don't know how and look for help on the internet.
January 2, 2002 5:56:48 PM

As someone else stated DO NOT stab your mobo when trying to get the heatsink on. Iwasn't quite sure how to get it on and accidently stabbed it a few times with the screwdriver.

Want a heatsink with super easy installation? You don't have to press down anything, since this one uses springs. No worries about stabbing your motherboard. The <A HREF="" target="_new">Swiftech MCX370-0A for $40 at CrazyPC</A>. Well worth it, IMO. I have the MC370-0A, and I think it's great, too.(<A HREF="" target="_new">$38 @ Newegg</A>, but currently out of stock.)

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