Will computer support Windows 7?

I have an INtel D945PSN mother board with a Pentium D processor. The computer would just stop at the Windows startup, and it shows the bars loading but it never goes into the desktop. I bought a new hard drive and I was wondering if I could install Windows 7 in it?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    U can check the Windows 7 requirements here

    Which are the specs of ur rig?
  2. Well it was someone elses computer I was trying to fix. It had a Intel Pentium D processor, I added a 2GB memory for a total of 3GB, 945P chipset. It had a 160GB seagate HD.
    When they turned it on, it would get stuck at the Windows startup and wouldnt go into the desktop. I tried to run Partedmagic but it wouldnt open up :-/. and also Hitachi Drive Fitness and it also wouldnt open up. so I went to buy a new 320gb western digital HD. I tried using HDclone to transfer everything into the new HD, but it was gonna take a long time so the owner told me to just install Windows on the new HD, but He didnt have the CD. I had a Windows XP Professional 32bit CD. When I tried to install it, at the partition section, when I pressed Enter to continue, or pressed any key to try to partition, it went to an error page. I couldnt figure out why?
  3. Windows XP needs the SATA driver for be installed in a SATA HD.

    The owner of the rig has the original key of the OS?
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