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I have a GPX dvd player and everytime I burn a dvd it will recognize it on my computer but not my dvd player. Am I doing something wrong? Is it my dvd player? Someone said something about extensions but I've tried but .AVI files and MP4.
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  1. your dvd player may not be able to recognize the data on the disc
  2. Your DVD player will only read disks in a specific format, especially if it's an older one that has no DIVX support and such. GPX is a cheap brand and probaby does not have much in the way of firmware to support burned disks well.

    You need to do some research on how to burn a DVD that is readable by your set-top player.

    Set aside a day or 2 and visit http://www.videohelp.com/.
  3. Someone recommended to use a video/file converter is that safe? And thanks I'm checking the site now. :)
  4. Minnie101 said:
    Someone recommended to use a video/file converter is that safe? And thanks I'm checking the site now. :)

    That site will guide you pretty well. Since you did not put exactly what steps you are using to make the DVD, hard to know what extra work will need to be done, or what change you need to make.

    And keep in mind your DVD player may not be able to read your burned disks even if you make them right, that depends on construction of the player, some have issues reading non-stamped DVDs. What you may want to do is get a DVD player with a USB connection that reads DIVX files. Then you can use the same format for your PC and for DVD playback. You can either burn several DIVX movies on one disk (3-4 depending on the quality you use to compress them) or get an external hard drive or large flash drive and put your whole movie collection on it to browse. The player I got is a Toshiba, was around $60, and is one of the best tech things I have ever purchased. You will save hours and hours of time from converting things between 4 different formats with that type of player.

    My kids can sit there and pick from a hundred of their movies without having to find the DVD. No more lost/scratched disks, everything is right there on the external drive.
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