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How to enter into the bios of asus k52f

I want to format my operating system .The laptop is presently very slow.Even the windows explorer has stopped working many atimes.
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    If you can boot into windows:

    * Close all open programs.
    * Press the Windows key + R. The "Run" tab appears.
    * Type msconfig and then click [OK].
    * The System Configuration Utility appears, click on the tab. Select the Safe Boot . Make sure the box "Minimal" is checked and then click [OK].

    * Then you will be prompted to restart the computer. Click [Restart]. The computer restarts in Safe mode. **(This may take several minutes.)
    * Perform troubleshooting in safe mode.
    * When you've completed your troubleshooting in safe mode, repeat the early steps to uncheck the "Safe boot".
    * Close all programs and restart the computer.
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