AMD M/B with ISA slot?

Anyone know if there are any good Mobo's for an AMD 1600+XP that still have an ISA slot? There is one ISA card I would really like to use again and it is not avail in PCI.
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  1. Most of the old KT133A motherboards had one or two, if you like building junk. Can't think of any newer boards with one. If you really need an ISA slot, I mean REALLY need one, I suggest you go WAY back to a BX board.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Mabye you can tell us what card is so special that you would be willing to sacrafice overall performance for an ISA slot. I wouldn't be surprised if someone can offer you an alternative for that card that is on par or better than what you have.

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  3. Tell you what. You buy an MSI K7T266-RU for $129 and 512MB of PC2100 and I'll trade you for my KT7a-RAID with 512MB of PC133 and an ISA port (yes, on the board, not extra).

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  4. Don't know of any DDR boards with ISA support.

    I just replaced my dead Abit KT7 with what is probably the best (and last) of the KT133A boards, though. It's the Epox 8KTA3PRO. It fully supports Athlon XP and has a host of overclocking features, including huge heatsinks (1" x 5/8" x 3/8" approx) on the transistors, separate AGP and I/O voltage settings, and core voltage to 2.25 volts. Yes, the 8KTA3PRO has an ISA slot plus 6 PCI slots, AC97 sound (yuck!), and the usual stuff. (The 8KTA3+PRO is the RAID version).

    I had some PC150 CAS2 SDRAM that I didn't want to waste so I picked up this KT133A board after reading about the overclocking features. Having overclocked a Duron 600 to 1007mhz with my old board I wanted to do some more. Picked up the 8KTA3PRO along with a Tbird 1.0ghz (hey, I'm on a budget) and have it running stable (no crashes at all) at 1500mhz (150*10) and it's air-cooled. CPU temps are from 39 (ACPI disabled) to 44 degrees running Toast, Athlon burn-in program.

    I'm still experimenting. So far I've been able to reach 156mhz on FSB, stable but lower overclock, and been able to post at 161mhz FSB. The highest overclock I've reached is 1755 (130*13.5. Yes, I know it's an FSB underclock) but it only just gets into Windows (98SE) before crashing. I think 1560 is the max I'll get with stability with the cooling hardware I have.

    Anyway, if you really need ISA, then this is a good KT133A board. If you decide that you really can do without ISA then you are better off with a DDR board.

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  5. Thanks guys for the replies! looks like I will stick with what I have now. I dont think it is worth it going back to KT133 or BX boards.

    The ISA card I wanted to use was a PDPI L4 Digital Gameport.
    I do alot of Racing Sims online and missed the stability of the PDPI card but am very satified otherwise with the 1600XP on my MSI K7T266 Pro 2 and PC2400 DDR Memory so I will stick it out with the jitters of using a $2000.00 ECCI Monza F1 with clutch Wheel/Pedal assy thru crappy Soundcard game ports.

    Thanks again for the replies!

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  6. :eek: $2000 driving wheel!!!

    Seems to me with that kind of investment you could afford a system dedicated to gaming, complete with any hardware you wish, including an older motherboard if it gets you the kind of response you want.

    Frankly, I do not think you would even notice an inferior gaming experience with a KT133A board since this kind of performance is dictated mostly by the graphics card.

    Does the Monza wheel manufacturer have any recommendations for you?

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  7. lol, you could get a used car for $2000.

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