win 98 on winXP computer will it work?

Hi, my new Win XP won't play any of my old games. Dos mostly. I tried extra HD and dual rebooting. No good.
I decided to buy a new computer (deals to good to pass up)
but replace with Win 98 and go from there.
This would be a new 1.7 Celeron system chipset.
Do you think it would work?

Please advise.

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  1. I think that's stupid. Go to a local computer shop and have them set up a dual boot for you. It'll cost you less than $60.

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  2. Dual booting is really easy to setup, just readup and do it yourself.
  3. ******you must do this from a clean install or it won't work (upgrade versions of os's won't work)******

    i've done enough multi-boots while i was in school getting my a+, but xp wasn't available at the time but the principle is the same. btw the most i've ever put on a single drive was the following:dos 6.0, windows 3.11, windows: nt 4.0 server and workstation, windows 95, windows 98 and 2000 professional. all this went on a 2.0gig hard drive.

    ok enough of my rattling on.
    so here's how to do it:

    a) you must partition the drive based upon the lowest fat. in your case fat32 because both w98 and xp read it and w98 doesn't read ntfs. if you were doing 95, dos or nt 4.0 you would have to use fat16 which limits the boot hard drive to only 2gig. yes all those os's plus ms office fit on a 2gig hard drive but believe me there was not much left and alot of the graphics and built in game did not get installed.

    b) format and then install windows 98 1st to the normal windows directory.

    c) install windows xp but 2 things; 1) make sure it gets installed to a different directory than w98 2)make sure you base it upon fat32 and not ntfs.

    d) install all you chipset drivers into both os's (if you need to)

    e) once installed you must install the drivers for all you stuff in both os's. (ex go to w98 and install all your drivers (video, modem etc then go into xp and do the same thing)

    f) you must intall your software in both os's if you plan on using them in both (note: you will not have 2 copies of the software on you computer, what you are doing is simply letting the os recognize the software)

    g) once done a screen will come up at the beginning and allow you to go into what ever os you prefer. it will have a default os. i know you can change it in xp (there isn't one in 98) but i'm not sure where in the control panel it is (probabley under system configuration). post a note under the xp section if you can't find it, someone should know)

    now your done.

    oops my apologies! i didn't notice that you had already installed w98 and set it up. if that's done simply continue from the installing xp part.
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  4. To change the default OS when booting up you can go (under win XP) control Panel -> system -> advanced Tab -> Under startup and recovery -> settings.

    There you can change the default OS, the time that the system waits for a selection and other options.

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