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PLEASE HELP! I'm setting up a network in which I need to have the PCs access programs on virtual cd roms located on another PC. The problems is the virtual cd program must be setup on a SERVER to install and allow the other PCs access the virtual cds. The network is not setup in the sense of a server and clients. It's setup as peer to peer with hard drive access to all. It's setup as peer to peer because I can't seem to get help in setting up one pc as the "server". I've never setup a server system, although I would if someone would let me know what settings to use in Windows (not interested in messing with Linux, Unix, etc.). Peer to peer is easy (just add a hub/switch and plug the pcs in to access the hub/switch). The virtual cd program will not work on peer to peer, only a server and client setup.

Please someone tell me how to setup the server type or at least tell me if there is a way to "fool" the program into thinking one of the pcs is a server by changing the config files in Windows 98SE/2000. I must have this virtual cd setup because the client pcs harddrives are only 1GB and the pcs are for children that I prefer not be left in a position to swap cds when they want to run different programs.

thanks to anyone who can and/or try to help.
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  1. you have already asked this in another post, i replied there. there is not much difference between a server and client if your just sharing files. is this program made to be delivered over a network like this?

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  2. can you post a link to the virtual CD program you're trying to use? That may help answer your question.

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  3. A link to the virtual cd app. This isn't the actual one I have, but it is similar. I'm not home to look at the one I have, but I'm anxious to get help so I thought I would respond.

    I hope I'm not a pest and pissing someone off. I'm just all messed up with this server thing. I'm trying to do more than file sharing and printer sharing. Those two issues are no problem at all. What I'm trying to do is run the kids cd programs from the server computer because the hard drive on it is much larger and I can store the cd images on it. To be honest, I can't say the "server" computer is actually a server. True, it has the router and DSL modem attached to it, but what makes it the server is what is confusing me.

    If the student is sitting at a client pc, I would like for them to be able to simply double click the icon to run the program (which requires the cd to be in the drive). Problem is upon installing the virtual cd program I have it states the application can only be installed on a server. Well, that is what I thought I was doing. Are there certain settings when setting up a server that indicates it's a server that I'm missing? I simply installed my 4 port router and engaged the hard drive, cd drive, and printer sharing on the all the pcs. I have ZoneAlarm Pro too. I'm pretty sure I even disabled it to see if that was the problem.

    Sense I know nothing about servers I've traveled the net to see what could be wrong. The only things I find is the simple setup I did and others talking about internet servers. I just want them to be able to accesses virtual cds which is on another pc.

    I really do appreciate anyone who is trying to help. I just don't have the funds to get larger hard drives, and I'm trying do something for this daycare.

    To come to think of it, I think I was having trouble accessing the real cd drive too from the other pcs.
  4. have you tried just copying all the files from the cd to the hard drive of the server? just put them in a folder. im assuming they are very small simple games or they wouldnt run on a 486. any computer that has resources to share is a server. if you are sharing a printer you are serving a printer, same for files. i think they virtual cd program you are using may not be neccissary. and i seriously doubt it has to be run on a server os.

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  5. in a peer to peer network a client PC is also a server. Like jhiggs said, when you share a rerource (file or printer) you are "serving" that resource to the lan which makes you a server. There's nothing special or mystical about it. Many people think that logging into a Netware server or being in an NT domain is a "true" server but what that is doing is simply authenticating you to the network so you can use "shared" resouces that you are entitled to. Those machines aren't really doing anything more than a simple file or printer share when you get past the authentication end of it.

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  6. I read through the manual from the web site - there's no mention of the need for a server. All the functionality will work fine on a regular old PC running 2K or XP (or 9X for that matter).

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