When dual booting 7 and XP GetSetupdd.sys error

For the first time I'm attempting to dual boot Windows 7 and XP. Following the instructions on TechSpot I was able to create a partition without any problems. However when attempting to install XP it tells me that it can't find any drivers and when I press anything blue screen shows up saying the problem seems to be caused by the following file: setupdd.sys

STOP: 0x00000050 (0xB6247490,0x0000000,0xF77F5C13,0x0000000)

setupdd.sys - Address F77F5C13 base at F77C9000, Datestamp 41107c8f

I tested what would happen with the Windows 7 disk and it simply started the install without giving me any problems.
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  1. I guess you are trying to install XP on a SATA drive. That requires you to have the sata drivers on a floppy disk or slipstreamed onto the XP disk, in addition the XP disk needs to contain at least SP1 to install on a sata drive.
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