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Currently my laptop is running on windows 7 and the $15 upgrade to windows 8 seems like a good deal. I do game a bit on the laptop as it's a Y570. I was wondering if it's worth buying and installing it right away, buying it (while it's cheaper) and upgrading in a few months once they have some of the quirks worked out or if it isn't worth the time and effort to upgrade at all.

Thanks for all or your responses in advance.
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    I would go download the Windows 8 Release Preview first, run it in a virtual machine, or on another system if you have one, and then decide for yourself. Posing a question like that right now, is unfortunately nothing but flame bait.

    Personally, I love Windows 8 and would recommend anyone try it, but you should really decide for yourself.
  2. I'm running win 8 on my desktop and I'm on the metro ui only when I boot. basically your desktop stays the same, you can install third party software to get the windows button back...I like the new task manager and the ability to pause my file transfers..I never use the metro ui...I have set an option to boot to desktop when I turn my pc on lol
  3. Okay thanks. I guess I'll give it a try. Can't believe that never crossed my mind.
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  5. Did you buy your laptop before June 2nd, 2012? The $15 upgrade offer is only available for PC puchases after June 1st, 2012

    Buy a Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013.
    Register for the offer at before February 28, 2013.
    We'll send you an email with your promotion code and purchase instructions when Windows 8 Pro is available.
    Download and install Windows 8 Pro on a compatible Windows-based PC with Windows Upgrade Assistant.
  6. Yes I bought it all of 3 weeks ago. Was able to get it new at Lenovo's outlet site (I still get warranty) for $620 with tax.
  7. Buy the upgrade for $15. A few years from now when Windows 7 is approaching end-of-life, you'll be glad you have it.
  8. about all i would do with that is use at the range to shoot at...
  9. toscrawford said:
    Buy the upgrade for $15. A few years from now when Windows 7 is approaching end-of-life, you'll be glad you have it.

    uhmm No... a few years from now Windows 8 will be fodder and OS's will be congitive linked
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