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I've been noticing that from time to time when I try to save an item to the desktop, windows tells me I need permission from the admin. But I have everything set as admin and I disabled the permission warnings. It seems to only go away when I go into the system32 folder and change the permissions there. It'll work temporarly but either after a reboot or some time, It gives me permission issues again and I have to keep going into system32 and changing the settings.

Is there something that causes this that I need to change or a program that can settle this and make me the admin forever?
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  1. When was the last time you conducted a complete anti-virus/malware scan? What anti-virus program are you using and is it up to date? Same for malware?

    If you are using an admin user account when saving the files in question and then have trouble accessing them from the account you created them with, you may not have a "permissions" problem but you may have something malicious going on with your system.

    UAC is off, correct? If so, turn it back on. Also check your security settings (located in the Control Panel/Action Center) to ensure that all of your security applications are in fact working properly.

    Good luck!
  2. Take a look at this site. It gives some great information and troubleshooting tips that I think will be able to help you with your problem!

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
  3. @COLGeek- I use malwarebytes malware remover and Avast. I also use CCleaner to help with the registry.

    @bmathews- I have done as the link asked but I have to do it everytime to delete something or move it.
  4. Understood. I would recommend you back up your files and reload Win 7. That is probably the easiest way to resolve. Good luck!
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