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I'm looking for the best procedure for replacing a damaged motherboard with a new (completely different) one when the system runs XP. I've seen 2 examples where, when the new MB is put in, XP won't boot ... presumably because the IDE driver from the old MB's chipset is not the same as the new one. You never even get to "safe mode" - all you get is the BSOD with a **STOP** pointing to the IDE controller.

What's the best procedure that anyone has found for swapping MB's - without doing a clean install or wiping out existing apps?
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  1. huh? the mobo has nothing to do with the OS not booting. those people that get this problem try to take their hdd that was in a previous computer and try and boot up WITHOUT reformatting it. in all honesty to me that's just dumb.

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  2. C'mon - the MB has EVERYTHING to do with it not booting. The BSOD points directly to the IDE controller as what it sees as being the "culprit" for the non-boot, which is part of the MB'S chipset.

    Ther must be a better way to install a new motherboard (which takes minutes) than to re-format the HD and reload every piece of software you ever owned (which takes hours and hours). I agree that some older setups are probably cluttered and could use a good re-do, but not in the middle of a hardware emergency.

    Any better options? ...
  3. why what's wrong with the mobo? nothing i pressume? dude that's a common knowledge when putting together a new system. something you want to keep on an existing hdd BACK IT UP! then hook the drive up to the new comp, reformat and add whatever you had backed up. and no it has nothing to do with it not booting up. it's the drivers! last time i checked drivers are software! software doesn't match the hardware you're going to have problems. and even if it did work, i certainly wouldn't trust a system 100% like that. bound to be some kind of mess up. like ghost or something that might back up your apps. but there's not too much of a chance you're going to get around not reformatting.

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  4. Go in the MoBo bios and detect the harddisk. Does it show up correctly?

    Try booting from the XP CD-ROM and see where it gets you (reinstall XP over itself).

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