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My problem is: I have a few toolbars installed in Firefox (AOL, MSN, Google, Yahoo) and I don't want to delete each one manually. I don't have that time. Is there a program out there that cleans the search history of all these search toolbars instead of you?
thank you very much :)
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  1. CCleaner?
  2. Yes, ccleaner should work. It has an option to clear all browser cache/history. Clearing the browser history from the tools menu should clear all of the history as well though. You shouldn't have to clear each toolbar.
  3. Why on earth would you use all of those toolbars? Just slowing down your browser.

    Don't all of those add-ons store their own history and not use the Firefox list?
  4. Download Mil Shield.

    It cleans the search history of a few popular toolbars, I use this program for Yahoo and Google toolbars and it works pretty well.
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