yesterday i built my first computer. it was running well, it posted and everything. only thing wrong was that the FSB was running at 100 instead of 133. well, i went into bios and set it for 132 (as high as it would go) then save and exit. it doesnt reboot. i clear CMOS and try again, nothing. hmm then i remember the email i got from the manufacturer telling me to change the dip switches so it runs at 133..... well looks like i f*cked something..... any chance i could get this working again, and if not, what parts do u think are damaged?

the MOBO is a soltek sl-75drv2 with an athlon xp 1700+
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  1. Did you unplug the power supply when you enabled the cmos jumper (with system off), then return jumper to original position? If not, try again, and set the fsb jumper to 133.
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