Which ASUS board is best?

I'm about to build a new Athlon XP based system soon. I will be a top speed XP CPU (not overclocked) and the mobo will be ASUS.
Now I wonder... which asus board really performs best? VIA based (A7V266-E) or nVIDIA based (A7N266-E)?
I don't fear VIA chip sets like some people do for compatibility, I'm using the good old A7V now with 1200MHz Athlon. Never ever had any problems with it!

And something else... what's a GOOD cooler for top speed athlon XP cpus (no water cooling, no noisy delta black label fan)? My knowledge on this is not exactly up to date.

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  1. A7V266-E should perform better.
  2. Thermalright sk6, alph pal 8045, and swiftech mx370 or 462 are all good heatsinks for the xp. If you're concerned about noise, order the heatsink and fans separately. Fans with adjustable rpms are reasonably priced.
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